Fortunes sway as Crocs and IMKA tie up mid table

Date 2019/11/18 15:50:00 | Topic: Women's Premier

Inter Crocs beat Polonia IMKA 11:21 21:12 21:11 21:11 Women's Premier Division (London Volleyball League)
Home side victory in Kentish Town
Points seemed to arrive in a rush at Talacre Sports Centre as Inter Crocs eventually overcame Polonia IMKA in four sets.
Crocs had a rush of points in the first set to go from 8:3 to 8:7 but IMKA had already won the first three rallies and gone from 4:2 to 8:2 and were to race to 15:8 before polishing off the set. It was largely one-way traffic in the second and IMKA only added a significant number of points after Danny Primus had given three of his bench players a run from 13:6.

The third was a disaster for IMKA. Two Crocs' spells of excellent serving, first by Raquel Bascunan and then by Giada Lovato took their side to 14:1 and IMKA had little to play for although six late points gave an element of respectability to the score. After going 6:1 down in the fourth IMKA played rather better for a while but Anita Bjelica then showed she could serve well too and under her guidance her side's lead increased to a challenging 13:6 A time-out brought her run to an end but Giada produced another sequence from 15:11 to finish the evening in style.

Inter Crocs
Starting Six: Raquel Bascunan, Lisa Dykstra, Giada Lovato, Giulia Miretti, Daniela Sanchez (captain) Alicia Tegazi.
Libero: Venous Khodabandehlou, Ser-Lein Wan.
Other players: Stefania Bellatti, Anita Bjelica, Costanza Calajo, Cristina Vazquez-Reynel.
Coach: Danny Primus.

Polonia IMKA
Starting Six: Krstina Janjic, Oakki Jones, Jays Lagrimas, Cecilia Manduca, Tereza Mateju, Defne Teoman,
Libero: Irma Kurti.
Other players: Luisa Burggraf, Adriana Chede, Anna Kurek, Marianna Smart (captain)
Coach: Tokarenka

Talacre Sports Centre, Kentish Town, NW5, 12th November

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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