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Date 2019/9/23 15:28:42 | Topic: General Volleyball

Officials' new uniform
Start in top national league matches only
There seems to have been talk around for some time about changes to referees' uniform and a message from Volleyball England tells us that the process has begun. The supplier of the uniform is now able to start receiving orders for shirts. They should start appearing in National League matches in Super League and Division 1 almost immediately.
Consideration has been taken of cold sports halls in mid winter for there is a mid-layer top for such times and it will be acceptable to referee wearing them. However, a referee who wishes to wear a base layer that will be visible beneath the referee shirt then it has to be plain white and have no visible advertising or branding on it.

However, the new shirts are not initially obligatory in the lower divisions or in the national knock-out cup but all referees will be expected to be using the new uniform by the end of this season if refereeing in national competition.

They may be seen immediately at London League matches. Volleyball England also makes it clear that all old styles remain acceptable in regional and local competitions.

The new shirt is all that is new for the time being. Referees are asked to continue wearing the designated polo and blue trousers which may include tracksuit trousers from the designated supplier with the VE Referee logo on them. The Mizuno and Errea versions will remain acceptable for this season only.

But the sport wants its match officials to look smart. For the trousers chinos, cargo style, and jeans are not permissible, adds Nick Heckford, Officials Group Lead at Volleyball England.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Source, Volleyball England

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