LVA Executive's final meeting

Date 2019/7/8 7:09:45 | Topic: London Volleyball

Association administration
Preparing for AGM and hand-over for 2019-20 season
Theirs was a long, hot meeting at Clapham Leisure Centre. On Thursday evening (4th July) the London Association's executive committee assembled to prepare for the League and both Special and Annual General Meetings on 14th July and to ensure the sport's administration was in good shape to hand over to the incoming officers.
They listened to officers' reports and learned that the long anticipated replacement web site is still not ready and agreed to IT Manager, Alex Pavkov's request for a four strong task group to help him finish the work. They wished Elsa Merselian (Junior Development Officer) well as she takes the junior beach squad to Cardiff next weekend for the inaugural Inter-Regional beach volleyball championships. The event not having featured at the start of the season, Treasurer, Andrew Haggard explained that he had needed to dip into financial reserves to cover the costs. Members thought the event could prove attractive to a sponsor and everyone was asked to consider suitable support.

Chairman, Charlie Orton presented his view, which was accepted all around the table, that the work of the officers would be more effective if each had a detailed job description. Existing officers will, therefore, draft their job description as they see it and then all of them will be passed to their successor to improve and update as they thought necessary.

Nominations for the new executive committee can be submitted up to the start of the annual general meeting but the executive was given a list of nominations received to date. Only one post had more than one candidate and that for the office of President which has not been filled for the past two years. Where it has been provided, all candidates' manifesto is posted on the LVA web site.

The meeting concluded by discussing the approaching Special and Annual General Meetings. There had been confusion in 2018 over which individual members could vote and it was essential that there was no repeat. All agreed that the wording of the association's constitution was ambiguous on the subject and that this needed to be corrected for future meetings. After a long discussion and by just five votes to three it was agreed that at the meeting Chair should allow a vote to:
a) the current secretary of a LVA affiliated club
b) the current secretary of each registered team playing in the London League
c) each London based Volleyball England registered coach
d) each London based Volleyball England registered referee.

There are two options open to any of these that are unable to attend the meeting:
1. to provide their direct vote to the secretary before the General Meeting by registering an online vote with the association
2. to authorise another member to vote on their behalf. If you cannot attend you can submit a written vote or authorise in writing another voter to vote additionally on your behalf - known as a Proxy. Clearly it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the voting system so those wishing to ask another person to be their proxy at the meeting should make it known to the Association secretary ( before the meeting.

Source, LVA Executive minutes

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