SQUAD deflect Tunnel Diggers

Date 2018/4/9 16:42:14 | Topic: Men's Div. 2 A

SQUAD beat Tunnel Diggers (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:18 21:8 21:13

Scrubs worry division leaders
A great way to end the season. Jin Ng, Team manager and regular libero for SQUAD said after the match, "I really enjoyed it and it was especially encouraging to see Diggers make great strides in their game play".
They played particularly well in the first set and forced SQUAD to call for a time-out at 6:8 and at 13:15 and the second team talk brought about a recovery although Diggers still looked dangerous at 17:18. One more point persuaded them the needed a team talk too but, although it brought a point, it failed to save the set.

SQUAD raised their game for the second set and looked determined to make sure they got back to the top of the table although their remaining there will depend of the results of others. Diggers produced a modest recovery late in the set but, having slipped to 4:12, never looked like mounting a challenge but it was SQUAD that produced the digging and dug deep to show their class and determination to end their league season on a high.

HMP Wormwood Scrubs, East Acton, 8th April

Starting Six: Scott Anderson, Jan Koseki, Daniele Liberatori, Egor Nikishin, Maciej Pajak, Artur Zapalowski (captain).
Libero: Jin Ng
Other players: Luis Vigar.
Coach: Pricilla Alves.

Tunnel Diggers
Starting six: Lee Allen, Phil Dyer, Tony McCann, Beau Page, Cliff da Costa, Daniel Thomas.
Other players: Mo Hussein, Tommy Stenhaug (captain).
Coach: Tony McCann,

Referee: Marcelo Radovan.

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