Onyx outshine Thunderball

Date 2018/2/13 14:00:34 | Topic: Men's Div. 2 A

Onyx B beat Thunderball (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:13 21:13 21:16

Disappointing display for visitors
Onyx and Spikers reserve teams clashed on Saturday (10th February) and, after a reasonable early display in all three sets, the visitors faded rather more badly than they would have wished although the ground they lost on their nearest rivals in the league by the result was given back when Tuskers were beaten by Tunnel Diggers next day.
The first seven rallies of the match went to the team receiving serve but then, suddenly, Onyx's Filipe de Almeida introduced more bite into the action and took his side 7:3 ahead. With the initiative taken, Onex looked the more confident side and that assurance enabled them to draw slowly further and further in front.

In a way, things went worse for Thunderball in the second as, despite winning the opening rally receiving serve, they fell rapidly behind 9:4 before a relatively even passage of play kept them in the match up to 16:13 when Filipe again rotated to serve and polished off the set with a little help from his friends.

Again in the third set, Thunderball needed to battle back, this time after losing the three opening rallies but they played well and remained in contention to 18:16 when (would you believe it?) that man again appeared in position one. Nobody else needed to serve and the afternoon belonged to Onyx.

Jewish Free School, Harrow, 10th February

Onyx B
Starting Six: Artem Chubarov, Filipe de Almeida, Michael Hannon, Janusz Piatek, Luciano Quercia (captain), Audrius Tracauskas.
Libero: Jordan Joven.
Other players: Heiner Alzate.

Starting six: Rossano Biagini (captain), Olivier Dobo, Dimitri Ledkov, Thomas Lucas, Marcello Paolucci, Yevgeniy Stotyka.
Libero: Kwong Li.
Other players: Jan Lieskovsky, Christopher Yoon,
Coach: R. Alvarez.

Referee: Andrew Kwiatkowski.

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