There’s a show to run

Date 2017/8/15 16:42:52 | Topic: Men's Div. 1 B

M1B (London Volleyball League)
LVA seeks divisional administrator
Planning for the new season is well under way and next season’s administrator for this division will be decided at a Competitions Committee meeting on 10th September.
The Association has enough candidates to cover most of the ten divisions it runs but is short a few so is looking for several replacements. Some are willing to cover two divisions but it’s clearly good to share the load if possible. The job is interesting and responsible and running one division comfortable while two probably needs some experience; probably useful on your CV too. Interested in taking on a division? Contact the new Competitions Secretary, Cisel ( if possible before 10th September so she can invite you to the meeting and you can meet your fellow-workers.

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