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Men's Division 2 A
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Men's Division 2 A

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Men's Div. 2 A : Thunderball fades before Hampstead
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2015/3/25 12:16:20 (50 reads)

Thunderball lost to Hampstead United (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
25:20 23:25 17:25 13:25
All downhill after second set
Hampstead grabbed the mid-table bragging rights at the end of a comprehensive win following two very closely contested sets. Even so, Thunderball remain above them in the league table.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Lynx fall again to Thunderball
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2015/3/22 11:40:00 (30 reads)

London Lynx 2 lost to Thunderball (Men’s D2 - London Volleyball League)
12:25 20:25 16:25

Overcome mid match crisis
Thunderball cruised through this match although after the second set the impression remained that, if only Lynx had been able to continue at the standard they had then set, they might have been more serious challengers in the competition.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Predators consume Lynx, take title
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2015/3/22 10:40:00 (39 reads)

London Lynx 2 lost to Lionhearts Predators (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
15:25 16:25 14:25

Lionhearts in front from third rally
Playing at home after keeping their visitors waiting a little too long, Lynx won the opening rally of the match but, having lost the next two, were rarely ahead and never really looked like overcoming the division's leaders.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Putney pressurize Predators
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2015/3/19 16:40:00 (50 reads)

Lionhearts Predators beat Putney (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
25:12 25:13 19:25 20:25 15:7
Subsidiary title
After little over half an hour, it looked as though the match would be over quickly but a spirited fight back by Putney, albeit with four of Predators' starting six resting for the third set, changed the complexion of the evening. It became one to remember.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Last minute Lynx fall to Baks
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2015/3/18 12:36:30 (32 reads)

Baks 2 beat London Lynx 2 (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
20:25 25:21 25:17 22:17

Great match ends in anticlimax
Lynx had been late in getting their home fixture against Baks under way and, although not entirely their fault, had lost when the hall booking ran out of time. History was to repeat itself after their late arrival in Dagenham delayed the start of play, although not by enough to cause the automatic loss of the first set.

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