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Men's Division 2 A
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Men's Division 2 A

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Men's Div. 2 A : Crusaders too strong for Southall
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/1/16 16:00:00 (49 reads)

Flaming Six Crusaders beat SGSS Southall (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:5 21:11 21:17

No way back after first set disaster
Missing several regulars, Southall took rather too long to settle into the game so, following a disastrous first set, were always struggling to match Crusaders though they almost managed it by the end of play.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Baks need all evening to tumble Thunderball
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/1/4 14:34:04 (58 reads)

Baks 2 beat Thunderball (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
19:21 26:24 21:13 19:9

Four set classic at Castle Green
A fighting start by Thunderball ensured a long evening, the first two sets taking almost an hour, but their performance slipped after that although it eventually proved that the match would run out of time: just.

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Men's Div. 2 A : EBC close in Southall
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2016/12/19 20:10:00 (65 reads)

Southall beat EBC Greenhouse, 21:17 20:22 21:19 21:15
M2A London Volleyball League

Visitors keen for fifth set
The Sunday late afternoon (18th December) saw SGSS Southall host EBC Greenhouse in a game where both teams were searching for their first win. After a small equipment delay the game got off to a flying start for Southall as player/coach Rajinder Sangha’s service pressure on EBC took them to a 10-3 early lead. EBC then started an incredible fight back with excellent serving of their own, outscoring Southall 4-1, to level the set at 12-12 forcing Southall to up their game. Southall managed to edge out a 2 point lead and despite EBC trying to battle back once more Southall closed out the set 21-17.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Flaming Six fight back at Dynasty
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2016/12/10 17:30:00 (97 reads)

Dynasty lost to Flaming Six Crusaders (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:17 17:21 11:21 21:15 6:15

Venue hosts ten sets in two evenings
Twenty-four hours after Tuskers overcame Rebels in five thrilling sets in a B division game in Peckham Rye, the centre staff, if not the same supporters, were enthralled by another exciting five set game, this time in the A division as Dynasty took on Flaming Six Crusaders. Again, the visitors were to win.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Dynasty beat back Bears
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2016/12/10 14:20:00 (57 reads)

Dynasty beat Balham Bears (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
12:21 21:14 21:18 21:16

Dynasty slow to take control
Two of the three team leading the charge on the division's honours for the season met at the end of November and for a while it looked as though the visitors from south of the river would take the spoils but Dynasty had other ideas.

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