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News about the NVL Super 8 Divisions, with emphasis on the London teams
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NVL Super 8 : IBB Polonia's and Malory Eagles' winning start
Posted by Media Team on 2019/10/15 13:04:08 (18 reads)

London teams' latest results (National Volleyball League and Cup)
Malory Eagles' women lose in Nottingham
There were mixed results for London's top teams this weekend (12-13 October) but both the top men's teams playing enjoyed a three set victory.. The 2018-19 Men's Super League champions got the defence of their title off to a wining start, getting the better of Sheffield Hallam at home in Ealing and Malory Eagles away in Newcastle, Staffordshire. Sadly, Malory Eagles' women went down to Nottingham University in four close sets in the Women's Super League.

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NVL Super 8 : Orcas' stunning start; Docklands win in Sunderland
Posted by Media Team on 2019/10/1 11:00:00 (48 reads)

Second weekend results (men's and women's National League)
Richmond success in South Wales
Only one London side is likely to be unhappy with its performance on the second week-end of national league competition. Orcas had a great win, Richmond Docklands took a set off Durham and beat Sunderland, Richmond men and women had excellent away wins and Lionhearts thrashed Sussex Dophins; Dartford underperformed in the first set of their home game then did not quite get back into the match against Leeds.

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NVL Super 8 : Disappointing day for London's teams
Posted by Media Team on 2019/9/22 8:46:30 (50 reads)

Two wins in five games (men's and women's National Volleyball League)
Only Richmond 2 and Lionhearts smile
The National League got off to a relatively slow start over the past weekend (21/22nd September) with one match in the men's second division and one in the women's as well as a triangular set of men's division three fixtures away at RAF Halton where the UK Armed Forces team plays and both visitors were from London.

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NVL Super 8 : Richmond Docklands travel to open their campaign
Posted by Media Team on 2019/9/8 11:40:00 (66 reads)

Anticipating the new season (men's and women's National League)
London Inter Orcas will start at home
Men's division three will get the new season under way as early as 21st September. With four Greater London teams in the South section and two of them competing in the opening set of triangular fixtures, all eyes will immediately be on Dartford and Richmond 2 as they travel to the depths of Lincolnshire to play UK Armed Forces. Both will want a good start to impress Baks and Giants. Lionhearts will get the Women's second division started on the same day when they entertain Norwich in Shoreditch.

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NVL Super 8 : Champions of England looking further afield
Posted by Media Team on 2019/8/5 10:09:36 (132 reads)

New season aims (Men's Super League - National Volleyball League and CEV Champions League)
IBB Polonia London, “Let us dream”
When Vangelis Koutouleas began coaching at IBB Polonia London in 2009, training and matches took place in a small school sports hall. Those days, the money generated by the club came from the pockets of the players themselves. The talented and experienced coach quickly turned the team into a group of winners and dominated the highest echelons of English volleyball. He departed for a few years due to a change in location, but the "Koutouleas effect" remained and the club continued to evolve from a sporting and organisational perspective. In 2014, the Greek talisman returned and enjoyed the greater financial investment that the club had generated through private investors. This transpired into a continuation of winning the elite league in England and also in Europe. Now Koutouleas, exactly ten years after his initial meeting with the club, will once again take the reins of the team but this time the mission will be the Champions League.

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