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London Volleyball : Special meeting to precede London AGM
Posted by Media Team on 2019/6/24 9:12:42 (4 reads)

London volleyball governance
Bid to avoid 2018 confusion
Open in new windowSunday 14 July will have been in many diaries for some time as the date for the London Volleyball Association's annual general meeting that follows the usual end of season league meeting. It may have come as a surprise to some on receiving the formal notice that this year there is to be a third meeting. It will take place between the two we all expected.

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London Volleyball : July's beach includes Four Star Leyton
Posted by Media Team on 2019/6/22 16:46:48 (12 reads)

London Beach Volleyball
Anticipating July on the beach
The summer solstice passed, the seaside comes into its own and the month's major events are sandwiched between the big ones: Sandbanks (Poole) over the 6th and 7th to start the month and Weymouth from 26th to 28th to finish it. However, all three London tour venues will be staging events between these dates that are well worth a visit.

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London Volleyball : King and queen to wield absolute power
Posted by Media Team on 2019/6/18 9:38:55 (30 reads)

London Beach Volleyball
Winners choose the charity supported
The Association has been provided with details of next Sunday's event in Teddington (23rd June) organised jointly by Wimbledon Beach Volleyball, Richmond Beach Volleyball and London Beach Volleyball Club

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London Volleyball : Sand season swinging
Posted by Media Team on 2019/6/10 19:40:00 (56 reads)

London Beach Volleyball
Looking forward to June on the beach
A wet day has kept me indoors thinking of a better place to be. The beach volleyball season has been gathering momentum for several weeks and it seemed time to find out about all that's going on and, having been unable to find one singe web site that gives all the information, had a bit of work to do.

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London Volleyball : Deep Dish draws youth to their beach
Posted by Media Team on 2019/6/10 7:50:00 (42 reads)

London beach volleyball
Crystal Palace provides seat of learning
The first of nine evening courses drew good numbers of boys and girls under eighteen to the Crystal Palace on Wednesday evening (5th June) as the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace offered tailor made courses for younger Londoners to build on the increased interest in beach volleyball evident in the capital this summer and to augment the training offered by Richmond Volleyball Club for several years. There is still time to join the eight evening classes that remain and the two three day camps being organised in August.
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