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News items about volleyball, but not London League and not NVL
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General Volleyball : We are not alone
Posted by Media Team on 2020/3/19 15:08:35 (53 reads)

Volleyball news from Europe
Covid 19 closes continent
At almost the same moment as London volleyball was deciding to close down for the time being, a similar announcement was being made in Luxembourg by the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) about European continental competition.

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General Volleyball : Londoners selected for England under 19
Posted by Media Team on 2020/2/21 11:45:06 (56 reads)

London volleyball news
Danny Primus to coach women's squad
Volleyball England announced yesterday (20th February) the names of players selected for the national under 19 teams, men and women, to play in the Cornacchia World Cup to be held in Pordenone in north-east Italy, from 10th and 13th April. The tournament is one of Europe’s biggest international youth events and attracts teams from all over the world with both of England's under19 sides guaranteed to play at least six matches.. The full list of competitors for 2020 has not yet been announced but it will provide great experience..

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General Volleyball : Dream Team
Posted by Media Team on 2020/2/21 10:04:41 (61 reads)

London volleyball news
Taking charge
We all like playing with some team mates more than others. Their style suits ours; we have played together so often it easy to anticipate their moves; we know they always concentrate, these are the sort of reasons we will give. Did you know that it applies to your match officials too?

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General Volleyball : World champions win men's Teqvoly Challenger Cup, Orcas' pair women's
Posted by Media Team on 2020/2/17 17:03:58 (77 reads)

London Teqvoly Challenger Cup
Volleyball variant on view in London
William G Morgan would be baffled. Today's volleyball bears little resemblance to the game he invented at Holyoke YMCA in 1895 and called, " Mintonette" After changing its name we introduced switching and penetrating and liberos; we created beach and snow and sitting versions; we became an Olympic and world sport. What would he make of "Teqvoly"?

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General Volleyball : IBB Polonia out of Europe
Posted by Media Team on 2019/12/20 14:30:00 (112 reads)

IBB Polonia lost to Draisma Dynamo Apeldoorn 14:25 20:25 20:25 (CEV Volleyball Cup)
Appeldoorn win in London
The first set score was the same as in the away leg a week before but Polonia raised their game for the next two sets without, unfortunately, turning greater success into a set won. London is proud to have such a progressive team in its midst. In addition to the standard of its play mention should be made of several things.

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