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News items about volleyball, but not London League and not NVL
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General Volleyball : Behaviour
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2018/5/25 20:06:05 (15 reads)

It has been brought to my notice that some participants in volleyball in London seem unaware of the VE "Player Code of Conduct".

The London Executive has always accepted this document from Volleyball England as sufficient for our purposes and has not seen it as necessary to write its own.

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General Volleyball : Venue problems
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2018/5/19 15:15:24 (25 reads)

You think we have venue problems in London.

See this photo from the SW Championship venue.

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General Volleyball : New season calendar posted
Posted by Media Team on 2018/5/18 11:00:00 (26 reads)

National League fixtures (Volleyball England)
Cup games on 1st September
Administrators are looking well ahead and Volleyball England yesterday (17th May) posted its calendar for the coming indoor season 2018/19. It's available to read on or download from its web site.

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General Volleyball : The Stars explained
Posted by Media Team on 2018/5/9 11:40:00 (27 reads)

National Beach Tour Volleyball
Tournament classification
What's a 1* tournament? ... a 5* tournament? We'll be seeing the descriptions everywhere during the summer and understanding the system may help players decide where to enter, referees where to officiate and spectators where to go and watch. The Volleyball England Beach Tour regulations are so detailed that only the administrator will want to study them. However, we trust an explanation of the star rating system will add to London volleyball fans' enjoyment however they are involved.

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General Volleyball : Another great day at Volleyballhub
Posted by Media Team on 2018/4/30 17:20:00 (48 reads)

Hitting and defence clinics
Skills and tactics learned
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Volleyball Hub did it again…this time twice in a day! Last Sunday 29th April we delivered two fully booked SVCs on Defence and Attack. Coach Francesca Secchi ran through the defence technique of the lateral fall and the correct execution of the hit (outside/opposite), breaking down the movements to guarantee an accurate performance.

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