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News items about volleyball, but not London League and not NVL
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General Volleyball : Shock for London's Lynx
Posted by Media Team on 2019/9/17 14:43:43 (23 reads)

Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix
Drop to tier two after event one
Sitting Volleyball made a grand return with the first Grand Prix of 2019-20 season as a great turnout of eleven teams headed to the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering to take part.

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General Volleyball : Nathan Fullerton starts second season in Austria
Posted by Media Team on 2019/9/16 13:40:47 (25 reads)

Professional volleyball
Willesden youngster featured by Volleyball England
The national governing body has today published on its web site an interesting feature written by Ron Shillingford on what life is like for a volleyball player who turns professional. He tells the story to date of 2m (6ft 7ins) Nathan Fullerton, 22 years old son of Stuart and Charmaine Fullerton, well known to anyone who has played for or against Willesden in the London League The story is well worth a read in full.

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General Volleyball : London teenager contributes to The Times
Posted by Media Team on 2019/9/15 12:30:00 (34 reads)

Volleyball press coverage
Our sport explained
Should you have a larger than usual number of enquiries at your club this week, individuals asking if they can join and play, many will probably be readers of The Times.

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General Volleyball : Richmond VC dispute
Posted by Media Team on 2019/9/11 10:20:00 (51 reads)

Many of you may have received a communication from a former member of Richmond VC. We have been advised that this dispute is ongoing. Richmond VC have issued a response via their web site https://www.richmondvolleyball.co.uk/n ... ttee-statement#more-18144

Contributor, Gary Beckford

General Volleyball : Richmond paring triple England's bronzes
Posted by Media Team on 2019/8/28 15:30:00 (74 reads)

Beach Volleyball, FIVB World Tour
England's double success in Rwanda
Two England pairs won medals on the FIVB World Tour over the last weekend in August. With Ellie Austin and Anaya Evans winning England's first World Tour medals in June, the country's reputation has started to grow. The memento is not yet gold and silver but rivals are starting to take note and reputations to grow.
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