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General Volleyball : Polonia surprise Apeldoorn
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/1/18 23:30:00 (34 reads)

CEV (European Volleyball Federation) Men's European Cup second round Draisma Dynamo Apeldoorn beat IBB Polonia 25-20, 25-16, 27-29, 25-17
Third set win gives home hope
The first ever European Cups match to feature teams from the Netherlands and England was played last night (18th January) and Draisma Dynamo APELDOORN eventually rallied to a 3-1 victory over European Cup newcomers IBB Polonia LONDON. It's a step closer to progressing to the quarterfinals of the 2017 CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup for men but the Londoners came back after losing their first leg match in the previous round and, having won the third set, will be determined to do it again.

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NVL Super 8 : Malory shake Northumbria
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/1/16 11:50:00 (23 reads)

Leaders lose in London (Men's and women’s Super8 - National Volleyball League)
Orcas mixed trip north
Three London teams playing on Saturday (14th January): three victories. Pride of London are Malory Eagles who beat men's league leaders Northumbria in Tooting after five dramatic sets. As a result, London's IBB Polonia, their closest challengers now have a greater chance of honours especially after overcoming good opponents in Wessex away in Bournemouth in three sets. Pulsepoint Orcas also played away, in the first of two women's Super8 games over the week-end overcoming Salford.

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London Volleyball : Polonia in quarter finals
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/1/16 10:37:06 (22 reads)

Surprised by underdogs (Women's national Cup)
Fight back against New Forest
Knock-out competition is popular with the public because we all love a David v Goliath story but you must first build up a following so New Forest are to be congratulated not only on an excellent performance against Super8 Sideout Polonia but also on attracting a crowd even larger and more supportive than Northumbria attracted to Malory Eagles men on the same day.

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Sitting League : Sitting Volleyball:League Final Round
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2012/2/8 15:00:00 (484 reads)

Sunday 6th February was the final round of matches for the inaugural London Sitting Volleyball League (LSVL). This new competition set up in this Paralympic Games year was designed to complement the Volleyball England Grand Prix Series and provide some additional competition for the 3 teams based in and around London both to help the teams continue their impressive recent development but also give the Great Britain Players some additional matches in preparation for the WOVD Inter Continental Cup in Cairo at the end of February.

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