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Men's Division 2 A

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Men's Div. 2 A : Onyx B secure title at last opportunity
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/23 12:50:00 (441 reads)

Flaming Six Crusaders lost to Onyx B (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
17:21 11:21 9:21

B to replace A in first division
What a season for Onyx! First the club's men's and women's A teams win their division one to earn a place in the Premier Division with the women's B team engaged in a titanic four-team struggle for Women's division 2A. Now in the last match of the season, the B team gets promotion from this division.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Onyx B too tough for Tuskers
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/18 14:19:36 (390 reads)

Onyx B beat Tuskers (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:14 21:17 21:14

Hosts overcome depleted visitors
Still on course for the divisional title, Onyx were in determined mood throughout this match and proved rather too strong for the their visitors who, although playing well in spells, were unable to produce enough to deny their hosts the victory.

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Men's Div. 2 A : Thunderball subdue Southall
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/10 9:40:00 (153 reads)

Thunderball beat SGSS Southall (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:17 21:10 21:17

Both end league season with marvellous match
It was an interesting and close match in set one with only a point or two separating both teams up to 14-14. Thunderball’s Biagini was their best player overall on the night and he then came around to do his long float serves which were a constant threat. With more points gained on the serve Thunderball now had their noses in front which proved decisive as both teams then traded point for point and Thunderball we able to take the set 21:17.

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Men's Div. 2 A : SQUAD deflect Tunnel Diggers
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/9 16:42:14 (152 reads)

SQUAD beat Tunnel Diggers (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:18 21:8 21:13

Scrubs worry division leaders
A great way to end the season. Jin Ng, Team manager and regular libero for SQUAD said after the match, "I really enjoyed it and it was especially encouraging to see Diggers make great strides in their game play".

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Men's Div. 2 A : From martial arts to sets and spikes
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/9 15:10:00 (220 reads)

Southall Sikh camp
Raj Sangha organises volleyball
Open in new windowAs the season progresses there seems to be more and more news of more younger players being attracted to our sport. The latest enterprise is in west London.

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