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Latest News - London Teams

News about the NVL Super 8 Divisions, with emphasis on the London teams
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NVL Super 8 : Lose and win for Malory men
Posted by Media Team on 2018/12/4 14:50:00 (35 reads)

Success and disappointment for London teams (men's and women's National League)
While their women win again
Mixed results for London teams in the national league over the first weekend of December. In the Super Leagues on Saturday Malory Eagles' men were beaten in a close match by visiting Wessex while their women's side, playing the same club away, won in four sets but, next day the men overcame Richmond Docklands in five close sets. Men's first division Aces outdid Leeds in the number of rallies won yet lost in five sets and women's first division Inter also lost a close game in Salford. In the triangular fixtures of the South-East section of women's third division next day,
Richmond 2 lost to second placed South Hants but found Maidstone a fairly easy opposition.

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NVL Super 8 : Polonia strengthen place, Orcas' challenge continues
Posted by Media Team on 2018/11/26 10:30:00 (61 reads)

London teams' success and disappointment (Men's and women's National League)
Malory men and women put in shade
They had to battle hard, especially in the first set, but IBB Polonia overcame Malory at home on Saturday to remain unbeaten in the league and stay top of the table. At the same time, Malory women were facing Orcas in Battersea and suffered the same fate in an even closer match as Orcas took the second place that was available to whichever side was to win.

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NVL Super 8 : Polonia supporters pay
Posted by Media Team on 2018/11/20 15:42:15 (55 reads)

IBB Polonia (Men's Super League and National Cup)
Building club's future
The UK's top volleyball team, IBB Polonia London takes on Malory Eagles in the National League next Saturday and is encouraging all to support great volleyball. "New look of the club and games will be shown!" they claim.

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NVL Super 8 : IBB Polonia hit top of table
Posted by Media Team on 2018/11/20 8:10:00 (52 reads)

London teams' success and disappointment (men's and women's National Volleyball League)
Orcas and Malory maintain women's challenge
Only two points separate the top five teams in the men's national Super League but, with a game in hand, IBB Polonia's maintaining of its unbeaten record puts the club in first place after Sunday's match against Wessex.

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NVL Super 8 : Durham double at Malory
Posted by Media Team on 2018/11/5 9:00:00 (82 reads)

London teams' matches (men's and women's National League)
IBB Polonia need five in Essex
Two great Super League matches got the weekend off to an exciting start but, sadly for London volleyballers, Durham got the better of Malory - twice.

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