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Junior League : Heads together for youngsters' future
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/4 14:20:00 (201 reads)

LVA Junior volleyball managers
Meeting to plan development of junior volleyball
A meeting has been called by Head of Junior Development, Elsa Meserlian so she, the organisers of juniors' competitions and senior officers of the LVA can discuss how to build on the excellent results seen nationally by London's younger players. It will be held on Monday evening, 16th July.
If coaches and managers of junior teams not currently in the association's competitions would get in touch with Elsa before then if they are interested in joining next season, she would love to hear from them.

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Junior League : Ernest Bevin journey to joy
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/12/9 14:10:00 (126 reads)

Under 15 Boys London Grand Prix
Sparkling second stage of series
Graveney School in Tooting last month, Southgate School in Barnet today (9th December) the second round of the under 15 boys LVA Grand Prix had an early 9.00 a.m. start to an action-packed morning of quality volleyball, played in timed matches.

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Junior League : Grand Prix dates announced
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/11/15 18:00:00 (191 reads)

Under 15 Boys London Grand Prix
Five contests around London
South London has a big share of junior competition in the programme recently published but it's great to see the under 15 boys will be playing in Barnet and Richmond too.
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Junior League : Boys and girls' November tournaments
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/11/14 16:05:25 (216 reads)

Stanley Park High School tournaments
Kids welcome in Sutton
PE teacher, Andy Knott of Stanley Park High School in Sutton has organised four age-specific tournaments for children of secondary school age and interest already expressed is large. But there is still room for more teams.

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Junior League : Girls U15s Grand Prix #2
Posted by Elsa on 2016/11/13 12:30:00 (248 reads)

The 2nd leg of the U15s girls Grand Prix is now open for registrations.

Contact Eric Hill for registering:
Email: ethev14@gmail.com
Mobile: 07946585187

Interest to be confirmed by: Friday 18th November.

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