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News items about volleyball, but not London League and not NVL
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General Volleyball : LVA help apprehend a Spammer
Posted by Guest on 2009/3/10 9:30:00 (508 reads)

After several reports of missed messages when requesting referees the Internet Service Provider (ISP) speaks.

'... Within the last couple of hours we have identified a domain on the same server as londonvolleyball.org that was attempting to send out many thousands of emails using a script. Although our anti-spam measures were preventing the emails from actually being sent, it was still causing problems on the server. We have now dealt with the other site, so you should have much better results with your contact form.'

This apology follows some careful monitoring by London Volleyball Association (LVA) Referee Administrator Charlie Orton who discovered that only 90 of 102 emails were arriving and asked the ISP to look into it. As the service returned to normal Charlie said, 'The Request a Referee service is vital to the smooth running of the LVA's London League and I'm very grateful to those who pointed out the problem. I would not have known had they not complained.'

General Volleyball : Skills Active Coaching Bursary 2009
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2009/3/6 8:20:00 (441 reads)

Skills Active, along with the Nancy Ovens Trust, are offering a bursary worth up to £2000 to support paid or voluntary coaches and leaders in the active leisure and learning sector. Closing date is 1st May - check out the Small Ad.

General Volleyball : Website attracts early birds
Posted by Guest on 2009/3/4 9:40:00 (429 reads)

Only into its second day and LVA Chair Charlie Orton reported a lot of visitors on this, the Association's revamped, website. At one time, before work really started, 24 people were clicking through the pages.

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General Volleyball : New Fundraising Partnership for Elite Sport
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2009/2/26 14:32:32 (475 reads)

The raising of private sector funds to support Olympic and Paralympic sport (including GB Volleyball teams) took a major step forward this week with the announcement of a groundbreaking new partnership – Team 2012 - which features all the major organizations involved in supporting British elite sport.
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General Volleyball : NVL 2009/10 entries open
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2009/1/23 18:10:00 (603 reads)

Open in new windowVolleyball England are now accepting new entries to the National Volleyball League for next season. New teams in Division 3 are likely to be forking out over £500 to get started.

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