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General Volleyball : National Junior Cup finals
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2010/4/27 19:30:00 (442 reads)

Tameside, Wessex, Ashcombe and Newcastle, Staffs share the glory (National Junior Finals)
No London pride at Crystal Palace
London volleyball players, junior and senior, were well in evidence at Sunday’s finals of Volleyball England’s national cup competitions but, sadly, only as volunteer helpers and workers: none of our teams was represented, all having been eliminated in the late stages. Our thanks to all those helpers who made it a fun day and enabled four very well organised matches to take place and for a big crowd of supporters to enjoy their visit to London.

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General Volleyball : Women’s National Shield Final
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2010/4/26 16:30:00 (1867 reads)

Middlesbrough College beat Team South Wales (Women’s Shield Final)
22:25 25:14 25:10 25:22

Open in new windowMiddlesbrough College see off South Wales
Competition organisers need a couple of things to ensure a great Shield final: two good teams eliminated in the early rounds of the Cup and each in a different half of the draw. A year ago, the Women’s Shield produced the longest, most competitive and most exciting contest of the four adult finals. Alas, only one of those superlatives could be applied to this game. The programme notes described non-league Team South Wales as having aspirations to be the top performance club in South Wales, however their pool of volleyball talent cannot be compared with the wealth of Polish expertise in London at Andy Lowcynowski’s disposal for his non-league team that took the trophy a year ago.

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General Volleyball : Men’s National Shield Final
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2010/4/26 16:20:00 (1000 reads)

SGTV Solent lost to University of Birmingham (Men’s Shield Final)
18:25 22:25 15:25

Open in new windowBirmingham University sink Solent
Solent had beaten University of Birmingham 21:25 24:26 20:25 in the first round of the Cup and entered the Shield competition only after losing to Malory Eagles in the second round. However the tables were well and truly turned as a weekend of national finals for English volleyball got under way at ten o’clock on Saturday morning when they made the running early on and led 9:6 in the opening set. The university recovered well and Solent were looking dispirited as they ceded its loss.

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General Volleyball : Volleyball England - Staff Changes
 Posted by Charlie Orton on 2010/4/22 13:10:00 (1561 reads)

Open in new windowThere have been more staff changes at Volleyball England as they settle in the new staff and the organisation adapts to the experience of the new working arrangements.

Of particular importance to London is the appointment of Gary Beckford as London Legacy Manager.

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General Volleyball : Cup Finals - Preparations going well
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2010/4/14 14:40:00 (510 reads)

Over 100 people have now volunteered to help run the Cup Finals events at Crystal Palace on 24th and 25th or April.

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