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News items about volleyball, but not London League and not NVL
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General Volleyball : Skills Active Coaching Bursary 2009
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2009/3/6 8:20:00 (387 reads)

Skills Active, along with the Nancy Ovens Trust, are offering a bursary worth up to £2000 to support paid or voluntary coaches and leaders in the active leisure and learning sector. Closing date is 1st May - check out the Small Ad.

General Volleyball : Website attracts early birds
Posted by Guest on 2009/3/4 9:40:00 (381 reads)

Only into its second day and LVA Chair Charlie Orton reported a lot of visitors on this, the Association's revamped, website. At one time, before work really started, 24 people were clicking through the pages.

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General Volleyball : New Fundraising Partnership for Elite Sport
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2009/2/26 14:32:32 (417 reads)

The raising of private sector funds to support Olympic and Paralympic sport (including GB Volleyball teams) took a major step forward this week with the announcement of a groundbreaking new partnership – Team 2012 - which features all the major organizations involved in supporting British elite sport.
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General Volleyball : NVL 2009/10 entries open
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2009/1/23 18:10:00 (540 reads)

Open in new windowVolleyball England are now accepting new entries to the National Volleyball League for next season. New teams in Division 3 are likely to be forking out over £500 to get started.

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General Volleyball : Petition against missing funds
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2009/1/11 10:30:00 (470 reads)

Lucy Wicks, GB Women's Setter, is urging people to support a campaign for more Government funding to those Olympic Sports where UK Sport hasn't yet committed itself. You can help by adding to the petition at Number10

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