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Women's Division 1 A

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Women's Div. 1 A : Met Police set Dynamo running
Posted by Patrick Matthew Koroma on 2009/10/26 9:50:00 (651 reads)

Met Police beat Dynamo Dykes Won (Women's D1 - London Volleyball League)
21:25 25:19 25:18 25:17

Police in near miss incident
Dynamo Dykes Won and Met Police had their first 2009 - 2010 match in Division 1 this month. The Met played host to DD1 at the Peel Centre in Northwest London. The encounter ended in a 3:1 victory for the Met, but this was not without incident.

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Women's Div. 1 A : Teams use new emergency registration procedure
Posted by Patrick Matthew Koroma on 2009/10/3 22:00:00 (435 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowWith just over two weeks to kick-of their 2009/2010 campaign Flaming Six Angels and ISIS are not taking any chances. Both teams are scheduled to play their first matches on Sunday October 18 and have made sure their players are registered.

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Women's Div. 1 A : London League Awards
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2009/6/22 11:50:00 (565 reads)

Open in new windowVera Kenyon collects Richmond Volleyball's medals from Carol Gordon for their second place in Women's Division 1.

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