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London Volleyball : London League Divisions 2012-13
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2012/7/16 11:20:00 (781 reads)

With new entries to the Women's Section the Executive have approved splitting Women's Division 2 into East and West, in an effort to reduce travel for the lowest division teams.

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London Volleyball : London Youth Games - Finals
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2012/7/1 11:50:00 (484 reads)

As I arrived I was greeted by Russell Findley, CEO of London Youth Games who told me that volleyball was in a key position. Croydon and Wandsworth were challenging for the overall title and both Boroughs had reached the volleyball semi-finals in the boys and girls competitions.

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London Volleyball : Playing for Fun
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2012/6/25 8:10:00 (1041 reads)

Anticipating response to Games profile
The answer to “Where?”
Revival of the Foundation League; a men’s, women’s and mixed division; a couple of dozen teams; 250 more people playing volleyball competitively in London. This is a real possibility of the likely growth in this area and the working group and London Volleyball need to make plans for this. That’s just part of what the Adult Recreational Volleyball working group is asking from the capital’s volleyballers.

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London Volleyball : A healthy legacy?
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2012/6/21 15:15:56 (462 reads)

Few attend initial meeting
New connections to be made
The first of London’s planning meetings attracted a sparse attendance: perhaps because of relatively short notice; perhaps because few realise the importance of the subject. As long ago as 2001, the government was discussing the benefits of the Department of Health taking responsibility for funding sport to encourage a healthier approach to life in the general public. It has provoked little attention. We have been approached by 6 London PCTs to see if there is any work that we can do together. At the moment it looks as though Volleyball will lose out again to other sports.

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London Volleyball : London looking for know-how
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2012/6/18 9:20:00 (252 reads)

Local input sought for national plan
Legacy is looming
Just as we don’t know for sure what our inheritance will be until the will is read so we don’t know all we will be left when the Olympic Games are over in only three months time now. Sure, the physical things will be there: new facilities, equipment and the like, but public enthusiasm and an eagerness to participate; how great will they be?

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