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London Volleyball : Uniform format for juniors' competition
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/25 10:40:00 (170 reads)

Four leagues in 2018/19 (London Volleyball Association)
Under 18 boys join the convention
Open in new windowComing in the autumn: a new look to London's junior competition. After detailed discussion in committee and consultation with those known to be managing or coaching a junior team, London Junior Development secretary, Elsa Meserlian, has announced the format for competition next season. And it will be easy to understand and follow with all four leagues using the same "grand prix" format.

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London Volleyball : Expansion expected for junior volleyball competition
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/17 16:40:00 (148 reads)

LVA Junior volleyball league
Meeting plans youngsters' future
Those attending the meeting of the Junior Committee yesterday (16th July) did not need to be told that London volleyball is booming. In the sports-hall next to the committee room a score or more of adults were playing in scorching heat.

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London Volleyball : Ambitious plans for London regional teams
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/17 16:30:00 (66 reads)

Inter-regional championships (Volleyball England)
Junior committee's ideas to be put to Executive
Open in new windowLast season's results for London's junior teams were so good, especially at Richmond but with several challenging them, that the comparatively mixed results in the Inter-regional championships were bound to lead to debate. London was first in under 15 boys and girls and third in under 17 boys but last in under 17 girls. As the younger players move up a stage and new youngsters arrive on the scene, better preparation is seen as vital to sustaining players' progress.

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London Volleyball : Richmond's unprecedented success
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/10 14:40:00 (149 reads)

Open in new windowNational and local leagues
Men and boys look forward to new season
Richmond Volleyball Men and Boys indoor division officially closed a historic season of success on 20th May when its champion Surrey League team finished with a silver medal in a gruelling and extremely competitive South England Volleyball Association tournament.

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London Volleyball : Lively meetings in scorching heat
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/4 11:10:00 (248 reads)

London League and Association's annual meetings
Chair and Secretary survive challenge
It always seems to be one of the hottest days of the year when the LVA holds its annual meetings and Sunday (1st July) was just the same with the air conditioning barely coping with the heat and the record attendance. Much of the business was routine, of course, but there were a number of occasions when topics or procedures created even more heat and an element of tension as a challenger had been proposed for both Charlie Orton, long-term Chair and Cisel Ormanci, league secretary for the past two years.

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