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Women's Division 1 A
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Women's Division 1 A

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Women's Div. 1 A : Met Police evicted
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2010/12/3 12:40:00 (792 reads)

35 years of volleyball at Peel Centre coming to an end
“Homeless” was the heading on the email I recently received from Met Police men’s team secretary, Paul Cheadle. He wasn’t talking about his personal situation but the prospects for the volleyball teams playing in women’s division one and men’s division two (red).

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Women's Div. 1 A : End of Season Awards 2009/10
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/6/30 14:50:00 (497 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowNatalia Ujlaki of Willesden VC (left) receives their award for winning the Women's Division 1 and Vanessa Handley and Eleanor Tomlinson of Flaming Six Angels (right) receive their runners up award from Charlie Orton, LVA Chair. The presentation took place at the End of Season Meeting held at Westminster City Hall on 27th June. Other divisional winners and runners up also received awards; the full list were ...

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Women's Div. 1 A : Team shots 2009/10 - Women's D 1
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2009/11/12 14:50:00 (464 reads)

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Flaming 6 Angels
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Met Police
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Women's Div. 1 A : Rule 4(1) in play as Malory taken by Angels
Posted by Patrick Matthew Koroma on 2009/10/28 0:00:00 (541 reads)

Flaming Six Angels beat Malory Eagles 2 (Women's D1 - London Volleyball League)
20:25 25:18 22:25 25:18 15:8

The ups and downs of multi-team clubs
The match between Flaming Six Angels and Malory Eagles 2 on 18th October 2009 is important not just for its results but also for its use of Rule 4(1) of the LVA League Rules – first or one of the first to use Rule 4(1) this season.

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Women's Div. 1 A : Met Police set Dynamo running
Posted by Patrick Matthew Koroma on 2009/10/26 9:50:00 (616 reads)

Met Police beat Dynamo Dykes Won (Women's D1 - London Volleyball League)
21:25 25:19 25:18 25:17

Police in near miss incident
Dynamo Dykes Won and Met Police had their first 2009 - 2010 match in Division 1 this month. The Met played host to DD1 at the Peel Centre in Northwest London. The encounter ended in a 3:1 victory for the Met, but this was not without incident.

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