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Women's Premier : Away Matches
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/10/28 10:30:00 (294 reads)

Are you a good visitor ...

When playing matches at away venues are you guided by the home team about what to do? The staff at the venue may not differentiate between home players and visitors, so if instructions have been given to the home team previously the staff will expect you to abide by them, even though you don't know what they are! As a visiting player you can easily spoil a good and valued relationship between the home team and the venue staff by doing something unexpected or without thinking ...

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Women's Premier : ULU hunt down Lionhearts 1
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/10/27 16:40:00 (1328 reads)

ULU beat Lionhearts 1 (Women's Premiership - London Volleyball League)

Open in new windowStudents tame lions
A young ULU team received Lionhearts 1 at Bacon College. The match increased in intensity and what started as a slow motion action, ended on full throttle.

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Women's Premier : End of Season Awards 2009/10
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/6/30 14:40:00 (445 reads)

Open in new windowCristina Madeddu of Swiss Cottage VC receives their runners up award for Women's Premier Division from Charlie Orton, LVA Chair. The presentation took place at the End of Season Meeting held at Westminster City Hall on 27th June. Other divisional winners and runners up also received awards; the full list were ...

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Women's Premier : Team shots 2009/10 - Women's Premier
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2009/11/6 10:10:00 (563 reads)

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IVA Golestan
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Lionhearts 1
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Lionhearts 2
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London QKX
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Malory Eagles
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Swiss Cottage
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Wapping Wildcats

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