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News about the NVL Super 8 Divisions, with emphasis on the London teams
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NVL Super 8 : Malory men and Docklands win away
Posted by Media Team on 2019/2/11 10:30:00 (77 reads)

Mixed results (men's and women's National League)
Orcas beaten at home, Malory women away
Malory and Docklands moved well clear of the rest of their half of the Super League competition as a result of a good away win by both sides on Saturday. Malory Eagles top the table but only by a single point and Richmond having played one game fewer, are poised to leap-frog them.

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NVL Super 8 : Polonia and Orcas' promising opening
Posted by Media Team on 2019/1/21 11:50:00 (77 reads)

Two successes at Wessex (men's and women's National League)
Malory men triumph at home
IBB Polonia and Orcas both made an encouraging start to the new phase of the Super League and ensured they made a mark on the top tier of five teams competing for the supreme title.

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NVL Super 8 : Two wins for Richmond
Posted by Media Team on 2019/1/14 14:00:00 (81 reads)

Varied fortunes for London teams (men's and women's National League)
Mixed results for Baks and Dartford; Inter disappoint.
In both men's and women's division two, Richmond move up to second place in their league table, the women with a game in hand over the leaders, and so each keeps up its challenge for promotion and title. Elsewhere, London results were mixed.

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NVL Super 8 : Super League divides in two
Posted by Media Team on 2018/12/17 12:30:00 (63 reads)

New Year's provisional fixtures (Men's and women's Super League)
IBB Polonia, Orcas and Malory women in top halves
Following the weekend's matches (15/16th December) with each team now having played all the others once, either home or away, the men's and women's Super Leagues will divide into two; effectively separate competitions. However, points won in the first half of the season will be carried forwards although teams in the bottom half will not be able to overtake teams in the top section.

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NVL Super 8 : Polonia men plus Orcas and Malory women among the cream
Posted by Media Team on 2018/12/17 12:20:00 (65 reads)

Away win for London leaders (men's and women's National League)
Super League reaches decisive stage
There was only one home game in London on Saturday as the season approached its end-of-year break. It was at Lambeth where Aces welcomed Sunderland but there were two to enjoy on Sunday, albeit in a three team tournament in a third division.

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