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General Volleyball : Volleyball Voice - 2015
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2015/1/16 15:34:48 (65 reads)

Following on from the feedback that they got early in 2014, Volleyball England have requested another series of meetings in all 9 regions this year.

After discussion with clubs, I have recommend a date of Wed 4th Feb to Volleyball England to start at 7pm (Note I have brought this forward because the Centre closes at 10pm.)
The University of East London have asked to host the event on that evening at their Sports Dock facility.
This is your opportunity to ask questions of the top people in Volleyball England, and put your points across.
Everybody who is involved in volleyball in London is welcome.

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General Volleyball : U18 Women - really close
 Posted by Charlie Orton on 2014/11/10 14:28:33 (87 reads)

It went right down to the wire. Going into the last match , any one of three teams could have topped the group. As it turned out Lynx and Malory shared the sets,. This led to Lynx winning the group, with G&ME securing a place in the last 8s courtesy of points difference ahead of Ashcombe, who missed out by a mere 6 points. It was a fantastic day of volleyball, played in great spirit in front of a decent crowd. A brilliant advert for junior volleyball.

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General Volleyball : FIVB Rule Changes
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2014/11/3 14:43:57 (232 reads)

The FIVB Congress has approved another change in the rules.

Actual the only one that will affect the London League is a reversal back to where we were.

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London Volleyball : Venues flooded
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2014/11/2 15:50:00 (173 reads)

Volleyball venues damaged
Haverstock and Talacre floors ruined
Super8 competition followers will have noted that the match due to have been played on Saturday (1st November) between Docklands and Sheffield has been postponed.

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General Volleyball : Recognition for Volleyball volunteers
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2014/11/2 10:00:00 (68 reads)

Our new volunteer co-ordinator Cormac Byrne is leading from the front.

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