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Men's Div. 1 B : Away Matches
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/10/12 10:20:00 (382 reads)

Are you a good visitor ...

When playing matches at away venues are you guided by the home team about what to do? The staff at the venue may not differentiate between home players and visitors, so if instructions have been given to the home team previously the staff will expect you to abide by them, even though you don't know what they are! As a visiting player you can easily spoil a good and valued relationship between the home team and the venue staff by doing something unexpected or without thinking ...

Needless to say the Association is very keen for our sport to seen as good users of sports facilities and London volleyball players to maintain their good reputation among venue staff.

There are several situations to look out for:
Moving equipment
At some venues the hirers are left to clear the hall and set up the court, at others the venue staff insist on doing all the shifting and setting up. Ask before moving things around.
Early warm-up
Some home teams will have fairly slack time slots, others are more strict. If you arrive early it may be wrong to assume any empty space is OK to start your warm-up. Ask the home team or the venue staff first.
Late finish
Again this will vary from venue to venue and as visitors you will have little control over what happens when a match runs over time. Leave all interaction with the staff to the home team. If your team captain agrees to swap extended match time for no showers before leaving then make sure you comply - even if you later find other people in the showers, your deal was 'no showers'.

Being a good visitor should help our sport to thrive.

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