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Men's Premier : SQUAD sinks Black
Posted by Media Team on 2020/1/25 9:00:27 (410 reads)

Onyx Black lost to SQUAD, 18:21 12:21 21:10 16:21 Men's Premier Division (London Volleyball League)
Title challenger in control
The team has lost only one league match all season and SQUAD proved too strong for their opponents at the Harrow Club although easily overcome in the third set when they played most of their bench.

There was little sign of the superiority in the opening set apart from them winning the first three rallies. From then on their advantage continued to be at around that mark and they finished the set three points to the good. The second was rather more one sided though. Although the home side competed well enough they gradually fell further and further behind and the 21:10: 2:1 rally win ratio, fairly accurately enumerated the difference between the sides.

The third set was close for the first eight or nine rallies but Black then raised their game and took it easily. The fourth followed a similar pattern to the second but with Black enjoying rather more success and playing rather better. However, they were still behind by four points at 19:15 and SQUAD were not going to lose from there.

Onyx Black
Starting Six: Silvio Cossu, Bruno Espinho, Martin Niederste-Osthol, Scott Nystrom, Luciano Quercia, Audrius Tracauskas.
Libero: Giedrius Bikauskas, Russel Sandoval.
Other players: Alaeldein Ajeep, Michael Hannon, Blake Williams, Lucian Zaharia.
Coach: Heiner Guzman.

Starting Six: Davide Baino, Stefano Colaci, Marlon Mendes, Sam Murray, Liem Phan, Andrea Pizzato,
Libero: Lucio Fiorin, Sau Khoon Kuah.
Other players: Mateo Gonzalez, Daniele Liberatori, Joost Willemsen
Coach: H Priscilla

Referee: D de Matta

Harrow Club, Latimer Grove, 19th January

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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