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Men's Premier : Barracudas fall to Onyx
Posted by Media Team on 2019/12/10 10:50:56 (151 reads)

Men's Premier Division (London Volleyball League) Inter Barracudas lost to Onyx Men, 18:21 21:19 11:21 17:21
Result opens up the division
A curious third set performance from Barracudas apart, this was an entertaining and competitive match in which Onyx eventually demonstrated they were the stronger team on the night. It produces a league table in which six of the eight teams have lost three games, one, one and one, two. The season is going to be interesting.

After going 2:5 ahead in the first set, Onyx controlled the opening spell although their lead never increased beyond four points and it was still just one at 17:18 and 18:19 before Onyx grabbed a one set advantage. Barracudas served first in the second and captain Henrique Araujo showed they could serve well as his side won the first four rallies. Their lead increased to five points at 9:4 and 16:11 but Onyx then began to make inroads into the advantage which slowly ebbed away. They eventually drew level at 19:all but side out gave Barracudas one more point and brought Henrique back to position one. He know what had to be done.

Then set three. It was a disaster for Barracudas. Their service seems to have lost its threat and they quickly fell further and further behind. Coming on at 5:8, Andrei Saracutu had some success in settling the side and serving increased their score from 6:9 to 8:9 but Onyx then raced through the rest of the set. In complete contrast, Barracudas played very well into the fourth set. Onyx raised their game, however, and a very competitive quarter of an hour ensued. Onyx led by a point or two from 3:4 right through to 15:17. Valerio Bettini chose that moment to ask for a time out. He had judged it perfectly and set his charges on the way to a well-deserved victory.

Inter Barracudas
Starting Six: Torchio Alessandro, Henrique Araujo (captain), Luigi De Via, Tilo Guenther, Rodrigo Hernardo, Enrico Spagolla.
Libero: Paolo Anniballi.
Other players: Ingmar Grebein, Emanuel Maxim, Welton Rufino, Marzio Scottoni, Charles Wolfe.
Coach: L Musti.

Onyx Men
Starting Six: Matteo Chiorrini, Iulian Cravet (captain), Mindaugas Kinderis, David Novotny, Diego Tamborini, John Tangen
Libero: Rodrigo Maia.
Other players: Lorenzo Bartolini, Andrei Saracutu,
Coach: Valerio Bettini.

Referee: Roberto Rigante

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, 6th December

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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