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Men's Premier : Black beats Alpha
Posted by Media Team on 2019/12/9 22:14:22 (130 reads)

Men's Premier Division (London Volleyball League) Lionhearts Alpha lost to Onyx Black, 23:25 21:18 19:21 23:21 12:15
Five tremendous sets at Mulberry Academy
Twice Lionhearts battle back from a set down to level the scores. Taking the lead twice, Black succeed after five pulsating sets. Total points scored,: 98 to 100, underlines the entertainment

At 24 minutes, the first set was the longest of the match and after Lionhearts had won the first three rallies and Onyx the next four, there was just a tiny margin between the sides. Eventually the score reached 23:all, Onyx gained side out and it was left to incoming server Audrius Tracauskas to hold his nerve and Onyx take that one set lead. The second set was equally close with one side and then the other taking the lead until things were tied at 17:all. Onyx moved ahead 17:18 but Lionhearts regrouped, bravely stuck to their attacking play and won the set to level the score.

Onyx won the first two rallies of the third set and then, in a titanic struggle between two sides determined to get one set ahead, there remained nothing more between the teams. Only stayed in front to the end. The lead was almost always just one or two points, increasing to three at 5:8 and 9:6. Lionhearts saved set point at 18:20 but Onyx then took their turn to win the rally and were again a set in front. Lionhearts raced through the first part of the next set and within a few minutes led 18:10. The side out brought skipper Luciano Quercia to serve and a series of accurately placed balls and good front court play by Mladen Bundalo, Bruno Espinho and Audrius took them in front 18:19. The teams traded point for point until 21:all then Lionhearts forced a fifth set.

Onyx hit hard at the start of the deciding stage; 0:2 ahead, then 2:4 and 4:8 when the teams had to change ends. Lionhearts then settled but it proved to be too late. They closed to 12:14 but Onyx then finished them off.

Inter Alpha
Starting Six: Ivan Jasjko, B Lemoine (captain), Adrian Machowicz, Nicholas Perry, Romain Zerv, Stefano Ziller,
Libero: Mohammed Tighsazzadeh.
Other players: David Gregory, A Marini, Bartlomiej Plotka.
Coach: D Tiberti.

Onyx Black
Starting Six: Mladen Bundalo, Bruno Espinho, Scott Nystrom, Luciano Quercia (captain), Janusz Piatek, Audrius Tracauskas
Libero: Giedrius Bikauskas, Russel Sandoval.
Other players: Alaeldein Ajeep, Silvio Cossu, Blake Williams.
Coach: Heiner Alzate Guzman.

Referee: D de Mattia

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, 5th December

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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