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Women's Premier : Rebels remain in contention
Posted by Media Team on 2019/11/18 15:46:27 (134 reads)

London Rebels beat QKX 21:12 21:13 21:17 Women's Premier Division (London Volleyball League)
QKX dispatched in Peckham
With Lionhears the only undefeated side in the division, pressure is mounting right behind them and Rebels kept up their challenge with a good three set win over QKX.

Rebels started well and then imposed themselves on the game as their guests failed to win a rally on service and the score mounted to 10:4. They had early control of the first set and apart from a slight stutter at 19:9 that allowed QKX three successive points for the first time, the outcome was never in doubt.

The second set had begun with each side cancelling out the other. Rebels first went three points ahead, QKX levelled the score. Rebels opened a two point lead. QKX tied the score again at 13:all. Inexplicably they then fell apart and failed to win another point. Well, not quite inexplicably: Gerda Berstautaite rotated to serve and the front three of Roxana Mihaela, Miley Adison and skipper Indre Stankeviciute clicked in attack as front three.

The opening stages of the third were all Rebels but they looked to over-relax at 10:3 and QKX quickly seized their opportunity to show they can play very well indeed. Soon it was 14:13 and a time-out essential. It settled the Rebels squad but QKX threatened up to 18:17. Their serve turned to side-out, Joanna Lawniczek who had proved a talented substitute rotated to serve for Rebels and she led the drive to victory.

London Rebels
Starting Six: Miley Adison, Gerda Berstautaite, Roxana Mihaela, Patricia Regaspi, Angelica Siergiej (captain), Indre Stankeviciute.
Libero: Gabriella De Rosa/
Other players: Yuri Chadavadh, Joanna Lawniczek.
Coach: Denzil Faure.

Starting Six: Patricija Fila, Michalina Laz, Valeria Longato (captain), Lorena Mirzan, Kingphet Alisa Nammondee, Beatrice Sukackaite,
Libero: Soo-Bee Appleton.
Other players: Bianca Brunelli, Joyce Chung, Violina Velichkova, Leonie Zeumer.
Coach: N Appleton.

Peckham Academy, 12th November

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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