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Women's Premier : Onyx need five to subdue Rebels
Posted by Media Team on 2019/11/15 10:00:00 (141 reads)

Onyx lost to Rebels 21:17 10:21 22:20 12:21 11:15 Women's Premier Division (London Volleyball League)
Queen's Park classic
A tremendous game in which Rebels blew rather hot and cold but when they were fired up played with spirit and determination and, in the end, deserved the win as all the players deserved applause for a five set exhibition of highly competitive sport,

The first set was the longest of the match and set the tone for the evening. Players striving for every point and neither side getting on top until late in the set when Onyx seized the initiative and rather eased their way through the last few rallies. After a reasonable start to set two, Onyx rather fell apart and Rebels looked a different team. They raced through the rallies and from 6:11 raced through the set.

Rebels began the third set as if on fire and immediately took a 0:3 lead but quickly regrouped and were on terms at 9:all. For the rest of the set play was even and very competitive. Things were still tied at 19:all. Rebels won the next rally. It was set point. Onyx saved it and then, with Maaike De Jager serving. won the next two vital rallies. For the first time in the match, they were in front. We saw a strange collapse by Onyx in set four. They had started poorly and then recovered well to 9:all when Rebels secured side out and Rebels' skipper Angelica Siergiev rotated to serve. When she eventually produces one of a lesser standard and Onyx secured service again, it was 12:20. The next point was Rebels'.

Onyx started the final set well but spirited play by Rebels tied things at 7:all. That seemed to restore their confidence and Onyx were able to win just a solitary rally on service and the honours went finally to the visiting side.

Starting Six: Kara Conway, Maaike De Jager, Laura Frassine, Cindy Ma, Daisy Moya, Jana Parmova.
Libero: Alessandra Largo.
Other players: Kelly Anderson, Federica Bianchi (captain), Lina Gonzales, Joana Silva, Laura Watara.
Coach: V Rettini.

Starting Six: Gerda Berstautaite, Yun Chadavadh, Christina Hadjihambi, Roxana Mihaela, Patricia Regaspi, Angelica Siergiev (captain).
Libero: Gabriella de Rosa.
Other players: Miley Adison, Indre Stankeviciute.
Coach: Denzil Faure.

Referee: Ryszard Dabrowski.

Queen's Park G S, 28th October

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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