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Men's Premier : SQUAD too strong for Barracudas
Posted by Media Team on 2019/11/12 14:51:25 (134 reads)

Men's Premier Division (London Volleyball League) Inter Barracudas lost to SQUAD, 8:21 16:21 17:21
Only unbeaten side keeps its record
It started well, then . . .

. . . at 2:0 to Inter in the first set, a side out and Andrea Pizzato rotated to serve. Strong and accurate and with the front line of Liem Phan, Mateo Gonzalez and Marlon Mendes performing well, the score was 2:13 when Inter again had a chance to serve and the set was clearly already lost. Just fourteen minutes after it had started, the sides were changing ends, SQUAD one up.

Inter began the second set well, took the lead at 3:2 and stretched it to 10:7 before their visitors, who had brought Stefano Colaci onto court, regrouped and raced to a 10:12 lead despite an Inter time out at the end of the preceding rally. SQUAD then raised their game and very quickly took the set with a five point advantage. They were two up.

Beginning with the same line up, their starting six except for Daniele Liberatori, SQUAD's pressure took them to 9:12 when they began to use their bench. Two substitutions took a little time to settle and Inter moved into the lead at 12:11. That seemed to reinvigorate SQUAD. They seized a side out, Joost Willemsen produced a series of excellent serves that took the score to 12:16 and the ending was much a formality.

Three sets up and the only undefeated side in the division.

Inter Barracudas
Starting Six: Henrique Araujo (captain), Ingmar Grebein, Rodrigo Hernardo, Marzio Scottoni, Alessandro Torchio, Charles Wolfe.
Libero: Paolo Anniballi, Sebastian Romeo.
Other players: Emanuel Maxim

Starting Six: Davide Baino, Mateo Gonzalez, Daniele Liberatori, Marlon Mendes, Liem Phan, Andrea Pizzato.
Libero: Lucio Fiorin, Sau Khoon Kuah.
Other players: Stefano Colaci, Fernando Giannopoulos, Joost Willemsen, Nicky Wong.
Coach: P Alvez

Referee: Domenico Mattia.

Mulberrry Academy, Shoreditch, 8th November

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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