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Men's Premier : Onyx off the mark against Wildcats
Posted by Media Team on 2019/11/12 12:30:00 (92 reads)

Men's Premier Division (London Volleyball League) Onyx beat Wapping Wildcats 10:21 21:16 18:21 21:18 15:11
Second five setter brings success
Having been behind for much of the evening, Onyx scraped a win in a close, exciting match at home at the Harrow Club at Wapping Wildcats' expense.

Wildcats made an explosive start. Matthew Urry serves; and serves until it's 5:0. Side out. Christoph Datler serves until it's 8:1. Side out. Onyx then found their composure but made no inroads into the deficit. Indeed, they fell a bit further behind to lose the set by eleven points. Then Onyx settled and things started to get interesting. From 3:all, the home side gradually imposed themselves on the play and slowly, very slowly in a fascinating period of play, pulled away to win the set with its last ten rallies going to the receiving side.

Wildcats bounced back in the third after losing the opening rally. Very soon it was 1:3, 2:5 and 3:8 when Onyx took a time-out. It seemed to make things worse, as though Onyx heads dropped, for Wildcats sped to 5:12. However, the hosts then improved and the visitors relaxed and there was little between the sides to the end of the set. The fourth set was probably the best of the match. Early on Onyx took a two point lead and stayed one or two points ahead until 18:16. Then skipper Scott Nystrom rotated to serve and produced three accurate deliveries that earned his squad a fifth set.

Onyx reached eight first, but only by two points. Another spell of accurate serving followed, this time by Blake Williams and Onyx's score raced to twelve. The recovery from 12:6 sought in Wildcats' time-out at that stage was a huge demand and, not surprisingly and with Onyx now full of confidence, all they managed were two late points. Unlikely as it had seemed for much of the evening, the joy belonged to Onyx.

At a first glance at the score-sheet something looked odd. In a match that lasted 85 minutes each side scored 85 points. Nothing else was in fact odd. It had been a great example of London Premier Division volleyball.

Starting Six: Mladen Bundalo, Bruno Espinho, Scott Nystrom (captain), Janusz Piatek, Diego Tamborini, Blake Williams.
Libero: Giedrius Bikauskas.
Other players: Heiner Guzman.
Coach: Heiner Guzman

Wapping Wildcats
Starting Six: Mark Baechli, Dario Costa, Christoph Datler, Federico Oliviero, Renato Silva (captain), Matthew Urry,
Libero: Luciano Pelle
Other players: Ivan Vatolik.

Referee: R Burbedge

Harrow Club, Latimer Grove 10th November

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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