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Men's Premier : Wildcats close ground on Barracudas
Posted by Media Team on 2019/10/26 20:52:24 (161 reads)

Men's Premier Division (London Volleyball League) Wapping Wildcats beat Inter Barracudas 19:21 27:25 19:21 21:14
Dispute and delay spoil achievement
Wildcats lost a rather bad tempered match on Thursday (24th October) when two of the teams leading the title chase met in Bethnal Green. They still top the table but each has now lost one game. Just SQUAD and Onyx Black are undefeated but only the former has played a game, just one so far.

Wapping made the early running in the first set leading 15:12 at one stage but Inter raised their game to level the score at 19:all seeming to benefitting from a time out called by their opponents at 16:18. Having tied the score, continued good serving by Eugenio Ostrovskiy helped them secure the early advantage.

Niggles among the players began in the second set and a warning card was shown to Wapping at 5:6 then a red card giving Inter a 14:17 lead but, rather than concentrate on pushing home their advantage, they persisted in challenging another refereeing decision, failed to reach the high standard they had been showing and went down 27:25.

In set three Wapping enjoyed a two point lead very early on but it quickly disappeared and the score was tied regularly right up to 19:all before Inter grabbed the vital two succeeding rallies. By now the evening was getting late and there would no time for a fifth set if necessary. Things were close to 10:11 in set four when Wildcats managed to impose themselves on proceedings and they raced away to win the set easily and, by doing so, claim the league points in a "drawn" game.

Divisional administrator Frankie Moore expressed her sadness on receipt of the score-sheet, "There have been six matches played so far and three out of those have had red cards issued. Not great behaviour from this division so early on in the season".

Wapping Wildcats
Starting Six: Mark Baechli, Christoph Datler, Federico Oliviero, Renato Silva, Kevin Spellman, M Urry.
Libero: L Pelle
Other players E Steponavicius.

Inter Barracudas
Starting Six: Torchio Alessandro, Henrique Araujo, Luigi De Via, Rodrigo Hernardo, Eugenio Ostrovskiy, Enrico Spagolla.
Libero: Said Raza Arif, Sebastian Romeo.
Other players: Said Arif, Emanuel Maxim, Charles Wolfe.

Referee: Alex Dimitrov.

Mulberry Academy, Shoreditch, 24th October

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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