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NVL Super 8 : Eagles' men and women and Richmond Docklands all win
Posted by Media Team on 2019/10/22 10:40:00 (122 reads)

London teams' latest results (National Volleyball League)
Orcas defeated
Malory Eagles, both men and women, overcame Tendring, Richmond Docklands beat Essex Blaze in five sets while Inter Orcas lost to Wessex in four. It was a fairly good day for London's top teams on Saturday; in the lower divisions the results were 50/50 on Saturday but 100% wins on Sunday

The Super League women started at noon on Saturday at Ernest Bevin in Tooting Bec and Malory Eagles played good volleyball to overcome a capable Tendring side with two tall strong hitters. However, they found Eagle's libero, Ariadnne Sierra, in fine form and she provided a sound platform on which the side could build its attacks. Midway through the third set, however, the visitors got on top and from 15:11 battled back to get to set point at 24:25 and then force a fourth. This concluding set was close and exciting and a longer afternoon was in prospect until, at 18:19 Tendring were penalised for a rotation error on service reception and they failed to reach their earlier high standards again and three errors plus two good Malory hits brought victory.

The fixture lists gave a Super League double-header and the clubs' men's teams followed them onto court and the better start made by Malory Eaglesset them up for success in the first two sets and they were able to overcome Tendring's third set revival, raising their game again after being held to 18:all. The visitors' big hitters had posed problems for the home side throughout most of the afternoon but better accuracy and greater variety proved the winning formula.

The other men's Super League match involving a London side resulted in Essex Blaze losing to Richmond Docklands in a very close game in which the Londoners came close to winning in both sets three and four before subduing Essex in the deciding fifth set.

There was, however, one London Super League loss. It came in the women's division when
Inter Orcas went down at home to Wessex. Only in the second set did they play to their usual high standard and it looked as though they might have underestimated the team that finished just one place beneath them in the league table last season.

Milton Keynes City, playing at home, lost to Richmond in men's Division Two underlining their supremacy in the fourth set after losing the second. This was to prove a good result for Richmond, as Weymouth Beach lost to Newmarket on Sunday, a result that means that every team in the division has lost at least one game already and a thrilling season for all in the competition looks likely.

In the trio of men's Division Three matches in Hampshire Dartford went down twice, both times in four sets.. They were beaten first by their hosts, UK Armed Forces and then by the other visiting side, Wiltshire Mavericks. They have now lost four of the six league matches played but only against Richmond did they fail to win a set so they must be hoping for better things in the coming weeks.

Richmond women beat South Wales relatively comfortably in Kingston in women's Division One to remain one of four teams still unbeaten in the league. One of the others is London's Inter Orcas 2 so it looks as though local rivalry will intensify.

The second set of Lionhearts women's Division Two fixture on the south coast against Wessex 2 slipped away but they recovered well to maintain their unbeaten record and top place in the league table. The only other unbeaten side in the division is Reading and these teams should face one another on 15th December in Reading. It might be worth a trip west to support them. Their home clash is down to be the last game of the season. A lot can happen before then.

Leeds lost to Inter Orcas 2 in women's Division One on Sunday, Leeds having lost at home to Darkstar Derbyshire the day before. Leeds won the opening set relatively easily and challenged hard in sets three and four so will be disappointed at the result. After four losses in five matches they have a sets won/lost difference of only twelve points. Orcas, in contrast, have won two from two. They'll know this division is not going to be easy.

By overcoming Darkstar Derbyshire away in five well contested sets after beating South Wales at home the previous day, Richmond go top of the division. Alternate sets went to each side as control ebbed and flowed but Richmond's experience and determination saw them through in a relatively easy fifth set, providing testimony to their fitness too.

The third fixture in this division was not completed as the side visiting Dartford, Sunderland, withdrew on Friday so the London side were deemed winners in three sets to none.

There was a good result for Giants in women's Division Three. Playing at home in Battersea, they beat Maidstone in straight sets, the second particularly comfortably. Their next game will be against the division's other London side, Richmond 2 in Kingston on 3rd November. The division has only seven teams and Giants' game was the first fixture so far this season. It should liven up quickly.

Men's Super League
Malory Eagles beat Tendring, 25:18 25:19 25:21
Essex Blaze lost to Richmond Docklands, 25:22 14:25 21:25 25:22 9:15

Women's Super League
Malory Eagles beat Tendring, 25:15 25:17 24:26 25:18
Inter Orcas lost to Wessex, 21:25 25:15 14:25 20:25

Men's Division Two
Milton Keynes City lost to Richmond, 15:25 25:16 22:25 8:25

Men's Division Three
UK Armed Forces beat Dartford, 25:15 25:18 19:25 25:19
Wiltshire Mavericks beat Dartford, 27:25 10:25 25:20 25:22

Women's Division One
Richmond beat South Wales, 25:18 25:18 25:20

Women's Division Two
Wessex 2 lost to Lionhearts, 14:25 25:19 19:25 18:25

Women's Division One
Dartford beat Sunderland, 25:0 25:0 25:0
Darkstar Derbyshire lost to Richmond, 16:25 25:22 22:25 22:25 8:15
Leedslost to Inter Orcas 2, 25:16 18:25 24:26 22:25

Women's Division Three
Giants beat Maidstone, 25:17 25:9 25:21

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

From the side lines
Malory Eagles v Tendring, women
Tendring made the better start to the match but at 5:7 Malory settled and they raced to 12:7 when the visitors sought a time out before recovering their composure, recovering to 12:10 and forcing Jefferson Williams in his turn to have a talk with his team. Then until the end of the set, although Tendring were able to secure five side outs, they were unable to win a point on service and, after 25 minutes, the sides were changing ends.

Malory won the first two rallies of the second set and Tendring were quickly struggling, slipping quickly to 5:1 and being adrift 8:3 at the first technical time out and, after some better fortune, 16:10 at the second. Then until the end of the set the sides were evenly matched although Malory managed to finish it with a great block on the left.

Set three was close from its start with Malory enjoying a tiny early lead but with Tendring levelling the scores at 7:all. Their taking the lead triggered the first technical time-out and they then raced into a bigger lead until Jefferson Williams took a time-out at 7:10. It broke the run of points but the visitors crew in confidence, levelled the score at 22:all and, after saving a match point at 25:24, forced a fourth set.

This proved to be tense and close with Tendring ahead 7:8 at the first technical timeout and 16:14 at the second. Things were tied at 18:all but, after Malory had won the next rally, Tendring were penalised for being out of rotation and, after a short delay while it was explained to them, their form dropped and they did not win another point.

Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Malory Eagles v Tendring, men
Appearances given during the warm-up were reinforced during the match. This was to be a contest between brain and brawn. Tendring were hitting very hard indeed but Malory steadily built up their lead in the first set, leading 8:6 at the first technical time-out and 16:11 at the second. Their service looked better directed too with a couple of aces from Leon Davis-Chambers and one from Cameron Carrington. An example even finished off the set: at 24:17 a trade-mark Alex Bialokoz move led to the ball landing centimetres wide. Malory repeated the move in the next rally; again they deceived the block but this time the ball landed centimetres inside the side line.

The early part of the second followed the same pattern but the concentration of both teams seemed to fade in mid set and it took derision from spectators after the score went from 21:17 to 23:19 with four successive serves going into the middle of the net to restore it. Malory were not going to lose from there.

The next set was the closest of the afternoon with Tendring closing to 7:all after Malory at enjoyed a slight early lead. The lead then changed hands on several occasions until 18:all was reached. Tendring called a time out but Jefferson Williams' instructions were clearly the more shrewd and raced to match point at 24:18. Tendring saved three to create a little tension but an attack by Jaron Jones caught them by surprise and made Malory's day. Of course, It hadn't all bean a matter of comparing brain and brawn: appearances aren't everything, but Malory possessed the greater experience and variety so deserved the victory.

Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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