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General Volleyball : V E to introduce player registration fees for age-group competition
Posted by Media Team on 2019/7/26 9:30:00 (106 reads)

Volleyball England Finances
Sitting volleyball too
Open in new windowEnglish volleyball has struggled financially since its earliest days but things got worse at the national level over recent years and, following many months of stabilising the situation, the governing body has learned it faces a cut of £136K in its central funding for the next financial year. Something had to be done and the National Executive Committee has this week published its decision to ask more players in national competition to register and pay a fee.

Volleyball England's website carries an article explaining the changes, how the registrations will work and why they have been implemented:
[ http://www.volleyballengland.org/news ... stration-to-be-introduced]
and the national governing body encourages everyone in the sport to read it.
We won't repeat it here but the amounts to be found from players' pockets for the 2019/20 season are:
Age-group competitions: £15 per player
Student Cup: £10 per player
Sitting volleyball competitions: £25 per player
As they are separate competitions with many matches, the age-group registration will not cover junior players to compete in the National Volleyball League. They will need to pay the junior player NVL registration to play in the national league. The article explained that youth competitions (U15, U16, U18, Inter regionals): produced an excess of expenditure over income of £19,826, In the Student Cup it was £3,421 and for Sitting volleyball (All Grands Prix and National Cup) £11,594

“Competitions remain hugely important for the association,” says Volleyball England Competition Lead James Murphy. “So many people benefit from Volleyball England competitions and these opportunities are often what help to motivate and drive people in the sport. Introducing player registrations across all competitions is fundamentally because there is no longer the level of subsidy available.”

“While the new fees will not completely cover the costs of all our competitions, it will help to support their sustainability,” says Janet Inman, Volleyball England CEO. “Whenever a financial surplus is generated on any Volleyball England product, the money goes back into maintaining and developing the sport.”

Volleyball historians will know that the English Volleyball Association, as it was then known, first employed a professional Competitions Officer almost fifty years ago at the request of its National League teams which promised to pay the costs because they were dissatisfied with the volunteer administration of the league and the shortage of volunteer administrators at national level.. There is an historical precedent in the change, if one with a much smaller democratic input.

The newly elected London Chair, Gary Beckford, said, " I am sure that Volleyball England have looked at many options and with the association now with stable finances they need to implement arrangements to sustain this.

"Obviously adding an additional financial burden on the London juniors will have an effect, however, we will do all that we can to ensure that players wanting to play still have the opportunity to play. We will work with private and public funders, schools and colleges and we will develop our existing junior leagues and generally give more opportunities to play ensuring that everybody has a place to play volleyball. We will encourage younger players to learn how to score in order to earn money and still be around volleyball. This decision may have a small impact on school teams entering the national competitions, but shouldn't affect junior club teams entering the nationals. I am a little concerned that junior players may have to pay twice if playing an age group competition and participating in the National League".

A view echoed by London's Junior Officer, Elsa Meserlian while Gary went on to assure us, "There are no plans to implement this in London competitions. However working groups over the next eight months will be looking at various aspects of the association's work including financing future plans".

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Additional Material from Gary Beckford and Elsa Meserlian

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