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London Volleyball : Quality streaming hitting the sport
Posted by Media Team on 2019/4/13 13:00:00 (219 reads)

Filming of games
Viewers' expectations increase
Have a look at the web site of Prolific TV. It tells us that a volleyball club is planning to use the company to provide a four camera stream of a forthcoming women's championship. It's going to be exciting to watch.
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Of course, Prolific TV is a professional business and the club will be paying for the service so the initiative is bound to have triggered a few mutterings, "Why are we going to so much expense?" It's a good question since most of the viewers at a club that already streams its games will be proud of that initiative. Nevertheless, the sport needs to discuss whether the mutterings are right.

May I suggest the key issue to consider before the debate concerns our longer term aims. Spending money on our pleasures could be questionable; spending to attract a following, publicity, sponsors, should surely be under review. I don't know about you but, unless it is a game in which I have a particular interest, watching play shot with a single, usually static, camera quickly palls and it's not long before my attention switches elsewhere. The initial initiative will have been wasted on me.

Cecil Ormanci of the ambitious Giants women's team tells me that the company has recently live streamed a game for the club. Have a look: (https://www.facebook.com/LittleGiantsV ... s/315711822460336?sfns=mo). She says she was impressed with the streaming and the quality of the outcome. London chairman, Charlie Orton agreed. "The production by Prolific TV is so much better than most teams achieve with just one camera. It is the use of multiple cameras that makes the improvement in my eyes," he said.

Julien Lecoeur who manages the company told Cisel that he’s interested in reaching out to other London clubs at a very reasonable fee so we want to make the fact known. He has built his experience in covering volleyball while live streaming Sideout Polonia ladies' games this season so this might be the opportunity to enhance the impact your club makes on its community.

Julien's background is ten years in DVD production and as a BBC editor before that and it means that he applies broadcast standards to streaming for a low charge, along with an mp4 on a USB stick immediately.

To see some of the matches he has done with Polonia Ladies in Ealing which also include commentary, advertising and a high shot, see http://www.prolifictv.com/events.html] his list of 39 streams: An example with commentary and sponsor's advertisements for Polonia done simply with a handheld microphone by his side and images provided in advance can be found and enjoyed

Julien tells us he will always be happy to run the first stream to a new team for nothing, to give it a taste of the 'style of the cut', providing they can cover travel from Fulham Broadway with around nine bags, tripods and PC. If there is an available onsite Wifi he would use that, but they discovered a streaming success from just hot-spotting Cisel's phone as an internet source on the last match.

As the season draws to an end over the next few weeks, many will be discussing their approach to next season so this could be on the agenda for their club's AGM. On top of that, with their banners courtside, your sponsors might listen to a plea for an increase in their commitment when the quality of the coverage is drawn to their attention. An end of season tournament might be just the time to try it out.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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