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London Volleyball : Does London volleyball need a new league?
Posted by Media Team on 2019/3/11 10:30:00 (147 reads)

London Volleyball League
Under 23 suggestion
For several seasons now the London association's competitions committee and executive have puzzled on how best to structure its steadily expanding league. Now a young player has come along with an idea:

She writes to the Competitions Secretary with the suggestion of setting up a new league for
players aged under 23 to give them more opportunities to play with others around the same age. She feels it isn't always enjoyable to play in a team with older adults who have more experience and can sometimes be negative towards younger players who aren't as good as them because they haven't had the best training or haven't been playing the sport for as long.

The writer tells Cisel that she has been playing volleyball for around six years since the age of 14 so clearly approaches the subject with some experience. She imagines that clubs set up a team of players aged between 18 and 23 to give those players the chance to play with those closer to their own age range and still get good competition and training. She believes the team's training programme should be incorporated into the club's so players work together both on court and off court (such as weights sessions and conditioning) to make new stronger teams that would improve skill levels and build stronger teams for the league and stronger progress to the adult London leagues and perhaps even further.

Ideas to the competitions secretary (league.lva@londonvolleyball.org) or on this web page (below, right) please, so the competitions committee can discuss the idea at its next meeting. Would it suit a club with several teams? Would it help a club with ambitions to recruit London volleyball players returning after a few seasons away at university? Would it be useful for a club catering for junior players?

The fact that, despite the committee making a much earlier start than usual in trying to get the Under 23 Grand Prix under way this season, it has not materialised means London competition for younger players needs some attention. An under 23 league with no lower age limit for players might be worth discussion. The association would value loads of workable suggestions.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Additioinal material from Cisel Ormanci

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