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General Volleyball : Discipline
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2019/2/10 19:50:13 (162 reads)

This season we have received a number of reports of bad behaviour within the Association.

I know that it has been said that authority does nothing about such reports. So I am openly saying, without naming people, that something is being done.

Already three referees have been reported to Volleyball England for performance below what we expect. In two of these incident, the Referee Co-ordinator has requested that Volleyball England downgrades the referees.
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One player who was disqualified at a game, has been suspended for 2 matches as stipulated in our League Rules.
Another player has been given a Final warning about their actions and attitude.
We are investigating two cases of financial irregularity.

We do not like having to take these sort of actions, and hope that matters can resolved closer to where they happen, in particular by everyone behaving properly.

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