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Men's Premier : Aces blunt Spikers
Posted by Media Team on 2019/2/3 12:30:00 (722 reads)

Flaming Six Aces beat Spikers, 21:16 14:21 21:17 21:16, Premier Division (Men's London Volleyball League)
Second win of season promises more
With just a single victory all season, Aces were hardly favourites to overcome Spikers although their visitors have won only three times. However, one of those was the demolition of Aces after the shock loss of the opening set when the sides met at City of Westminster College in October.
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Perhaps Spikers were confident they could do it again for they played much too casually in the first set at Lambeth Academy yesterday (Saturday 2nd February) and Aces never looked like losing it. Indeed, they were the better side throughout, taking an immediate 6:1 lead which, although reduced slightly from time to time, they maintained until the end of the set. Worthy of mention are setters Stanislav Petrov who played until 12:5 and Christopher Sherfield who took over the role at that point.
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Aces feebly allowed Spikers back into the match in the second set. In no time they were 0:5 down and requiring a time-out. Then, after scoring a couple of points, they fell further behind to 2:9. Spikers' setter Roberto Alvares controlling the attacks well. That shocked Aces into a recovery but 13:17 was the closest they came to challenging their opponents who took a time-out at that score and then eased through the rest of the set.

Spikers were in front only at 1:2 in the third set but at last the spectators were able to enjoy a competitive set. However, from 8:10 John House and Christopher Sherfield each produced a series of accurate serves that helped their side rush to 19:11. Spikers, to their credit, recovered well but were unable to prevent the home side going ahead again.

Set four was tense and exciting throughout and there was next to nothing between the sides until the score reached 15:all although Spikers had looked anxious when calling time-outs at 12:13 and 13:15. The change in fortuned arrived, however, just after that when it was John's turn to serve again. Pressure on reception and good play at the net helped Aces to move further and further ahead. Progress was stopped at 19:15 but they were not going to Allow Spikers back into contention again.

An entertaining game played in a very cold hall produced a surprise result if not a shock and evidence of continued competition as the season continues.

Flaming Six Aces
Starting Six: Elvis Bertholle, Riccardo Buelli (captain), John House, Stanislav Petrov, Pawel Stankiewicz, Roman Zakrzew.
Libero: Vladislav Potehin,
Other players: Cameron Beck, Connor Boyle, Christopher Sherfield,
Coach: Connor Boyle.

Starting Six: Roberto Alvares (captain),M Arecailiev, Hamid Benmamar, Igor Boclinca, L Ieno, Koen Slootmaeckers,
Libero: Taku Yamamoto.
Other players: Igor Akdejev, B Masic.
Coach: Marcin Konpa

Referee: Kassim Ukware.

Lambeth Academy, 2nd February

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton
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