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Men's Premier : Onyx shine at Spikers' expense
Posted by Media Team on 2018/12/6 11:59:37 (298 reads)

Spikers lost to Onyx A, 19:21 19:21 21:12 13:21, Premier Division (Men's London Volleyball League)
Second victory in five days
Having disposed of unbeaten Lynx five days earlier, it was surprising to see Onyx struggling for three sets before their fourth set dismissal of Spikers who had already lost twice this season yet it is a reflection of the competitive nature of the league.

Onyx held the slightest of leads for the first two thirds of the opening set but looked slightly shaken when good play in front court by skipper Taku Yamamoto, Koen Slootmaeckers, and newcomer Andejev took them into the leas which they extended to 15:12. The slide halted, a judicious time-out then settled Onyx as they saved the set from 19:18. In contrast, the lead changed hands several times in the first stages of the second set until Only led 15:17. From that point the advantage of receiving service came into play and every remaining point was won on side out and Onyx were two sets to the good while not fully deserving the lead.

Onyx made a terrible start to the third set losing the first two rallies before collapsing to 9:1. They composed themselves at that point but the damage had been done and Spikers refused to allow them back into the game and turning an uncompetitive situation into an exciting an fully competitive phase of the game. The watchers did not find the following set as one sided as the score suggests, Onyx increasing their lead little by little until it became decisive. 0:2 up initially, their start restored their confidence. A run of success took them from 7:9 to 7:12 with John Tangen, Alaeldein Ajeep, playing up, and Lorenzo Bartolini combining well in front court. They then moved steadily further ahead to 11:19 before four rallies won through good reception finished the game.

Starting Six: Andejev, Luciano Leno, Vincent Marecaille, Koen Slootmaeckers, Hector Tavares, Taku Yamamoto (captain)
Libero: Hamid Benmamar
Other players: Roberto Alvares, Igor Hightgeamp.
Coach: Marcin Konpa

Onyx A
Starting Six: Alaeldein Ajeep, Firtat Alin, Svetoslav Gyurov, François Leroy, Diego Tamborini, John Tangen (captain).
Libero: Russel Sandoval.
Other players: Lorenzo Bartolini, Iulian Cravet, Victor Valov.
Coach: Heiner Alzate.

Referee: William Perugini

Westminster College, Paddington Green, 3rd December

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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