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Men's Premier : Onyx men stifle Inter recovery
Posted by Media Team on 2018/10/30 21:40:00 (108 reads)

Onyx A beat Inter Premier Division, 21:14 21:10 21:19 (Men's London Volleyball League)
Three sets takes them to top
Onyx hit the top of the table on Wednesday (24th October) unbeaten in three games, although they are pursued by Lynx who have won their two games so far and by Richmond, with a single victory in a single game. Inter, in extreme contrast, have lost all three of their games so far to be above ULU who have lost both their games so far and Wapping Wildcats who have lost their single fixture.

That said, Inter started brightly opening up an early lead in the first set but a run of points with serving brought Onyx from 7:8 to 15:8 before the visitors halted the slide. They were not able to recover the leeway, however, and the deficit remained at seven points when the set ended.

Inter will want to forget the next set. Four - nil down, then 6:3, 8:4, 10:5 17:8 20:13, their only memorable moment was the saving of set point. Despite a time-out at 4:0 and another at 16:9 they showed little answer to the problems posed by their opponents.

Then things changed. Four points to Inter followed by five to Onyx was the crowd's introduction to the third set which then remained close and hard-fought. In the thrilling final stages the score reached 19:all but at the very end Onyx produced the goods and grabbed the last two rallies and the glory.

Onyx A
Starting Six: Firtat Alin, Iulian Cravet, Svetoslav Gyurov, Michal Savolt, John Tangen (captain).
Libero: Russel Sandoval.
Other players: Lorenzo Bartolini, Ilias Nanas.
Coach: H. Guzman

Inter Premier
Starting Six: Torchio Alessandro, Brian Ball, Luigi De Via, Tilo Guenther, Charles Wolfe, Denis Zuev (captain).
Libero: Paolo Anniballi.
Other players: Marzio Scottoni,
Coach: Dustin King

Harrow Club, Latimer Road, 24th October

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamialton

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