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Women's Premier : Bears create four-way tie
Posted by Media Team on 2018/10/24 15:17:26 (111 reads)

White Bears beat Onyx, 22:10 21:17 13:21 21:13, Women's Premier Division (London Volleyball League)
Onyx battle keeps them in contention
White Bears bounced back from their disappointment at IMKA to record a solid four set win against Onyx that leaves all four teams that have played twice so far this season tied in top spot in the league table with one win and one loss each. The two unbeaten sides, Rebels and Inter don't meet until early in New Year so the division looks like enthralling London volleyball for months to come.

The first set of their match against Onyx was an exciting one, a tiny lead changing hands several times until the score reached 9:all when Onyx opened up a two point lead and looked to have the set safe at 18:20 However, a good move saved set point and accurate serving from J Forester and a front line of H Ridge, Rosie Kirk and Annie Tinker combining well stunned all watching.
From 5:all in the second, Bears were able to raise their game but, after looking comfortable at 14:10 were hit by an Onyx revival in which they closed to 14:12 before, very slowly in an excellent passage of play, tied the score at 17:all. Hannah Robinson, who had come on as a sub two-thirds through the first set, rotated to serve and saved the moment. Earlier in the set she had served just once. this time she put in the three accurate blows that were needed.

Onyx's Joana Silva who had come on at 7:10 in the second set and served well, started the third in Position One and, with Jana Parmova, Kara Conway and Daisy Moya impressive at the net, raced to a 0:5 lead that set them up for the set. Bears settled and the remainder of the play was close and exciting but the visitors kept themselves in front. At 13:17 they secured side out and it was Joana's turn to serve again. That opening line up proved decisive and the match was saved.

Play was close to 6:all in the fourth after which Bears raced to 5:12 and 6:14. A time-out was called at each score and the second once settled Onyx. However, the damage had been done and the scoreboard ticked over remorselessly until William Perugini's final whistle.

White Bears
Starting Six: J Forester, Rebecca Jones, Rosie Kirk, Rebecca Rankin, H Ridge, Annie Tinker.
Libero: Monika Czesna, P Simonte.
Other players: Hannah Robinson, L Tanita.
Coach: Rosoris.

Onyx A
Starting Six: Kara Conway, Macarena Salazar Fiestas, Lina Gonzales, Cindy Ma, Jana Parmova, Angela Parrozzani,
Libero: Paola Turon.
Other players: Kelly Anderson, Federica Bianchi, Daisy Moya. Joana Silva,
Coach: V Bettini.

Referee: William Perugini.

Chestnut Grove School, Balham.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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