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Men's Premier : Onyx halt ULU fight-back
Posted by Media Team on 2018/10/13 8:20:00 (79 reads)

ULU lost to Onyx A, 12:21 13:21 21:23 Premier Division (Men's London Volleyball League)
Thrilling third set puts promoted side on top
For a couple of sets it looked too easy for Onyx after their journey to Queen's Park but then ULU settled and the character of the game changed as the home side raised their game.

ULU made a terrible start to the game, quickly falling 3:11 behind and never looking like saving the set. They played much better in the second and actually led at 10:9 before fading as Onyx raised their game. A terrific third set then followed but Onyx prevailed by the smallest of margins to bring to an early end what was promising to be a thrilling afternoon.

ULU's Chris Vontas explained, "We lost a lot of opportunities from simple mistakes. Onyx where leading the game with very good serves but in the third set we managed to raise our performance in defending them. The last set became very competitive and it wasn’t clear who the winner would be until the end with both teams giving their best."

The newcomers to the division have made a brilliant start.

Starting Six: Bruno Baisch, Edoardo Gualfetti, Emmanouil Kammas, Konstantinos Pechlivanidis, Lambros Petron, Manuel Piubelli (captain),
Libero: Luigi Antonaci, Christos Vontas.
Other players: Armonis, Nicola Fontana, Giannis Theocharopoulos,
Coach: Anestic Kales

Onyx A
Starting Six: Firtat Alin, Lorenzo Bartolini, Svetoslav Gyurov, Michal Savolt, Diego Tamborini, John Tangen (captain).
Libero: Russel Sandoval.
Other players: Ilias Nanas.
Coach: Guzman.

St Augustine's School, 7th October

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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