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Women's Premier : Onyx wonderful debut among top women
Posted by Media Team on 2018/10/4 10:50:00 (413 reads)

Onyx beat Lionhearts East 13:21 13:21 21:9 21:14 15:12, Women's Premier Division (London Volleyball League)
Hosts recover from Lionhearts' blitz
Onyx women played their first match in this division to open the season where they faced some former Onyx members. It proved to be a spectacular match drawing many spectators including some from other teams in the London League.

Open in new windowAfter the rough start of two lost sets Onyx needed a new strategy and determination - lots of it, to win. The solution was brought forward by Joana, the club's former setter in a lower team who was promoted to the Premier Division side this season. Joana showed how serving should be performed and managed to secure six points at the beginning of the third set, forcing Lionhearts to take a time-out at 4:0. Onyx won the set 21:9 and you would not believe it was the same team. It was Jana Parmova's turn to show her hidden strength in service which resulted in starting the fourth set with another 4:0 lead. Lionhearts tried their best to compete and showed some amazing skills but it wasn't enough. Onyx finished the game winning 3:2 and they now look forward to the return match on 21st January 2019.

This was a debut match for Onyx new coach Valerio who had trained the girls and helped them to recover and win.

Harrow Club, Latimer Road, 30th September

Contributor, Rocio Trujillo and published in club newsletter

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