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London Volleyball : 87 teams in London League
Posted by Media Team on 2018/8/7 21:30:00 (1185 reads)

New season entries (London Volleyball League)
Volleyball in London at an all-time high
When entries closed this week for the 2018/19 season almost ninety teams, 42 women and 45 men, had applied to join the regional league. That's up from last year's 82 (42 women and 40 men) itself a surge from 2016/17 when there were 77 (38 women and 39 men). With recreational volleyball growing quickly it looks as though the numbers playing competitively are increasing well also.

Last year the competition took place in five divisions for each group but the increase of over 10% in men's teams persuaded the London Volleyball Association's executive committee to introduce an additional men's division rather than ask clubs to compete in a larger competition with the resulting worries from the longer fixture list.

The league has been running since early 1960s and has a achieved a competitive standard close to that of the English National League. It now attracts 1300+ players to register, players from many different backgrounds and countries. The League requires that the games are refereed by properly trained and registered referees, so maintaining the standards the players expect.

Announcing the entries, Association chair Charlie Orton said, “I am pleased to see another significant increase in numbers demonstrating how well our league has been administered by the willing group of volunteers. It also demonstrates a desire to play competitive volleyball in London. We do need to be aware though that we cannot continue to grow in this manner without considering if there is a need to change the structure of the league to continue to accommodate all the teams/players who want to compete with our limited resources.

"There are many more people playing recreationally in London, some 8000+ recorded with the recreational groups. During the summer players also take full advantage of the Beach Courts built as a legacy from the 2012 Olympics, and others play on the grass in the many parks across London.

"With London's youth players winning several national trophies last season, we can look forward to more growth in the future and to improving standards".

Volleyball in London is at an all-time high
The draw was made yesterday evening (6th August) to decide who plays in divisions A, B and C so the league and its divisions will read:

Men's Premier
Flaming Six Aces
Inter Premier
London Lynx 1
Wapping Wildcats 1

Women's Premier
Inter Premier
Lionhearts East
Lionhearts Jamme-Ja
London QKX
London Rebels
London White Bears
Polonia IMKA

Men's Division 1 A
Flaming Six Blackjacks
K S Osemka 1
Lionhearts Predators
Lionhearts Pride
Malory Eagles 1
Onyx B

Men's Division 1 B
Giants 1
Inter One
K S Osemka 2
Lionhearts Alpha
London Black Bears
Bald Eagles
Waltham Forest

Women's Division 1 A
Flaming Six Angels
Inter One
Lionhearts Cats
Malory Eagles 1
Polonia Sideout Academy
Wapping Wildcats

Women's Division 1 B
Flaming Six Blaze
IVA Homa
K S Osemka
London Lynx
Malory Eagles 2
Wapping Tigers
Wimbledon Wildkats

Men's Division 2 A
AVC London
Flaming Six Crusaders
IVA Persia
London Lynx 2
London Red Rebels

Men's Division 2 B
Ernest Bevin College A
Giants 2
Pin Lon Spikers
SGSS Southall
VPS Galaxy
Wapping Cheetahs

Men's Division 2 C
Baks 2
Besty Boys
Ernest Bevin College B
Wimbledon Wolves

Women's Division 2 A
Besty Girls
Dynamo Divas
Flaming Six Comets
Giants 2
Lionhearts Cubs
Pin Lon Lady Spikers
VPS Stars

Women's Division 2 B
Dynamo Dykes Daredevils
Flaming Six Dragons
Imperial College
Lionhearts Beats
Onyx B
Waltham Forest
Willesden Divas

Some team names vary slightly or substantially from their club name so all not familiar with them may want to know that Inter teams represent International VC, London Spikers reserve teams play as Powerball, Fireball and Thunderball, London Bears appear in various colours - but not yet a Kermode, never modest, Little Giants VC play as Giants, Malory Eagles seconds want to be known as Bald Eagles, Volleyprofs call themselves VPS and will introduce a men's team: Galaxy to compete alongside the women, Stars as do Pin Lon Spikers, Ernest Bevin College are entering two boys' teams to replace EBC Greenhouse,

Newcomers to the league include AVC London, Bexley VC who will play as Besty Boys and Girls and London Blockbusters. Welcome all.

The coming league season will be filled with a record number of London League teams. It's going to be some competition. As a result, preparing the fixture list will be as time-consuming a work as ever and it will probably take almost to the end of August to get a draft to team secretaries.

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Source, Competitions Committee

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