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London Volleyball : Uniform format for juniors' competition
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/25 10:40:00 (246 reads)

Four leagues in 2018/19 (London Volleyball Association)
Under 18 boys join the convention
Open in new windowComing in the autumn: a new look to London's junior competition. After detailed discussion in committee and consultation with those known to be managing or coaching a junior team, London Junior Development secretary, Elsa Meserlian, has announced the format for competition next season. And it will be easy to understand and follow with all four leagues using the same "grand prix" format.

This allows the flexibility that juniors need in competitions (play as and when they can get six together, rather than constantly chase enough to get on court!).

For the new season there will be a separate under 18 boys competition as there were some inconveniencies in encouraging teams in this age bracket to enter the London League and play against adults although the stronger players in both EBC Greenhouse and Lynx clearly benefitted from the experience. More important, however, is that many junior teams might be discouraged from following this path especially with the adult league expanding and flexibility with fixture dates becoming increasingly difficult. The decision has been taken to organise an under 18 men's league as well as an under 18 women's one. It was also decided that the matches for both competitions will be organised in the same format as the under 15s.

This means that each entrant will be required to stage one or two tournaments at their own venue, inviting the other entrants to "come and play". It sounds simple and has worked well for several seasons for the under 15s but will quickly become unwieldy as the competition grows as is expected. Indeed, teams joining mid season may make it desirable to alter the rules after the competition has started. That will be a good problem to have to solve.

"We won't be inviting entries formally until early in schools' new term, of course," said Elsa, "But it would be a great help to everyone thinking of entering a team - or two, or more, if I could be informed as soon as possible. I will then be able to let everyone know the level of interest and the committee discuss the best way of organising the fixtures.

"Please email meserlianem@gmail.com"

Contributor, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

Source, Elsa Meserlian

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