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London Volleyball : Lively meetings in scorching heat
Posted by Media Team on 2018/7/4 11:10:00 (289 reads)

London League and Association's annual meetings
Chair and Secretary survive challenge
It always seems to be one of the hottest days of the year when the LVA holds its annual meetings and Sunday (1st July) was just the same with the air conditioning barely coping with the heat and the record attendance. Much of the business was routine, of course, but there were a number of occasions when topics or procedures created even more heat and an element of tension as a challenger had been proposed for both Charlie Orton, long-term Chair and Cisel Ormanci, league secretary for the past two years.

The adult leagues had run very well and the time given over to presenting trophies and medals thoroughly enjoyed as always, especially by those collecting them. The reports on the junior competition were, however, disappointing and it's clear that the new executive committee will have to give it early attention to make sure things are better next year.

There was some complaint about the addition of a rule to ban team members or officers writing remarks on the score-sheet when it's already part of the game's rules but the decision had been taken in view of the inexperience of some divisional administrators and new team secretaries. It seemed acceptable that the automatic deduction of a league point be a uniform penalty for improper team kit. There were minor alterations to some wording to make a rule clearer. An interesting discussion took place on the possibility of having just a single division at each level rather than a type of pyramid and the Competitions Secretary, after announcing that the allocation of teams to one of the two at each lower level would be by lot and not by random selection, was asked to see that an independent representative of the clubs would witness the process.

The meeting had lasted almost two hours so the AGM started a few minutes late. After the reports, accounts and other standard business, it came to the elections and most were startled to learn that Valerij Grisenkov of London Rebels club and Joanne Carne-Howell of Waltham Forest were standing for the positions of chair and league secretary respectively. Notice had been short but, within the constitution, elections were held but not before some heated complaints that ended with the executive being charged with bringing proposals for constitutional amendment to next year's meeting that would require notice being given in future. After that, Charlie was re-elected by 24 votes to 12 and Cisel by 18 votes to 15 but not before yet another heated discussion this time on the use of proxy voting. All a healthy sign of genuine interest in the sport's future.

As it turns out, the existing system made it possible for Val and Joanne to be elected to other offices and volleyball can see the following in the coming season: Treasurer Andrew Haggard, Secretary Cisel Ormanci, Referee administration Charlie Orton, Web site manager Alex Pavkov, Marketing Bartek Luszcz, Junior Development Elsa Meserlian, Partnership Officer Valerij Grisenkov, Volunteer support Cormac Byrne, assistant Filipe de Almeida and non-executive committee member Joanne Carne-Howell.

Nearly an hour and a half later the assembled volleyballers found their way into the real heat of London's streets.

Contribution, Douglas Barr-Hamilton

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