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Men's Div. 2 B : Greenhouse battle Rebels for season's last win
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/5/12 16:22:03 (215 reads)

EBC Greenhouse lost to Red Rebels (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
21:18 11:21 14:21 14:21

First set win forces hard work
Neither side had much to play for apart from further respectability in the bottom half of the division in the last match of the campaign but it turned out to be an entertaining and well contested match, well worth the Sunday afternoon outing.

The hosts were never behind in the first set although the scores were tied and one all, two all and three all. After that they pulled progressively further in front to 17:11 from which point they looked to be playing a bit safe rather than their natural attacking game and Rebels closed to 20:18 before EBC claimed first blood.

EBC won the first rally of the next set but that was the high point of this part of their afternoon. Not that they were playing badly but Rebels raised their game and, having raced from 3:4 to 3:11, took control of the set. When they reduced Rebels' advantage to 7:15 it looked as though an Ernest Bevin recovery was possible but they did not win another rally on service in the set which was over all too quickly.

The home side began the third set very well indeed and thoroughly deserved their 7:5 lead but, after collapsing to 7:12, their serving again lacked conviction and the side won only a single further point on service. One side and then the other enjoyed a run of winners in the first part of the fourth: 2:0 to Ernest Bevin, 2:3 to Rebels, 6:3 to Ernest Bevin, 6:10 to Rebels: Ernest Bevin recover to 9:10 and a thrilling end to the set looked to be in prospect. Alas, EBC again seemed to tighten up and with one more point won on service that took them to 11:12, once again failed to convert their hard (and well) won side outs into a run of points and Rebels eased further and further away.

A satisfactory conclusion for Rebels then but disappointing for Ernest Bevin who had at several times looked like doing much, much better.

Ernest Bevin College Sports Hall, Tooting Bec, 28th April

EBC Greenhouse
Starting six: Dimetrie Grey, Wajhe-ul Hassan (captain), Casey Hudson. Josiah Prempeh, Jake Stidwell, Visman Thivaharan,
Libero: Ralph Fernandes.
Other players: Matthew Burnett, Nasir Khan.
Coach: John Lowney.

London Red Rebels
Starting Six: Marek Cynar, Massimo Esposito, Pasha Grisenkov, Val Grisenkov, Hoanh Lam, Nuno-Filipe Pina,
Other Players: Denzil Faure (captain).
Coach: Denzil Faure

Referee: Makiko Ashida.

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