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Men's Div. 2 A : Onyx B secure title at last opportunity
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/23 12:50:00 (441 reads)

Flaming Six Crusaders lost to Onyx B (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
17:21 11:21 9:21

B to replace A in first division
What a season for Onyx! First the club's men's and women's A teams win their division one to earn a place in the Premier Division with the women's B team engaged in a titanic four-team struggle for Women's division 2A. Now in the last match of the season, the B team gets promotion from this division.

Onyx arrived in no mood to be defeated and played with great determination and concentration in addition to their usual skill. Crusaders were in no way a pushover and played particularly well in the early stages. Unfortunately, they looked to have lost a little concentration briefly in the middle of the first set slipping from 11:13 to 11:17 then never really looked like recovering although they made small inroads into the deficit.

Crusaders made two changes to their line up for the second set while Onyx used the same six players but switched each "opposite" pairing that provided greater success. They raced away to 10:18 when, totally in control, they brought Giulio Fiscella and Jezy Jurgelianecas from the bench to help finish off the set. Crusaders won the first two rallies of the next set facing the same Onyx rotation as in the second and even advanced to 6:5 playing well before Onyx remembered they had come to Battersea with a task to complete and started to play with determination once more. Suddenly it was 6:15 and the job was done. The same bench players were given a second outing and Crusaders continued to battle through to 9:17 but then rather capitulated. The title was Onyx's. Captain Luciano Quercia congratulated Crusaders on their performance and their friendly welcome adding he was pleased at the way Onyx had kept its focus.

Battersea Sports Centre, Clapham Junction, 22nd April

Flaming Six Crusaders
Starting six: Federico Andorino, Mohamad Arasoghli, Taimour El Sakka, Nacho Gil, Rafael Jovanelle (captain), Krasi Zhechev.
Libero: Arnaud Forget.
Other players: Jerome Facey, Axel Hoffschroer, Tim Keane, Chris Taylor,
Coach: Adam Watkins.

Onyx B
Starting Six: Artem Chubarov, Luiz Duarte, Michael Hannon, Janusz Piatek, Luciano Quercia (captain), Audrius Tracauskas.
Libero: Filipe de Almeida.
Other players: Heiner Alzate, Giulio Fiscella, Jezy Jurgelianecas,

Referee: Ruggero Palazzo

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