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Men's Div. 2 A : Tuskers too sharp for Southall
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/4/3 13:57:54 (151 reads)

SGSS Southall lost to Tuskers (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
14:21 16:21 17:21
Success after long journey
As Southall had discovered, the journey between Tooting Bec and Southall is a long one but Tuskers arrived in good time and played well against a competitive home side.

They began well winning the first three rallies but promptly lost the next four then, after the count has risen to 5:all, took charge of the set, speeding to 5:9 and 6:14 before Southall settled again. There was little between the teams for the rest of the set with Tuskers clinging on comfortably to win.

Southall brought on their entire bench for the second set, only Gurjort Singh and Rajinder Singh remaining from the starting six, and as Raj Sangha told me afterwards, they did as he expected and played better that the set one line-up. Still, they were not good enough. Although they won the first two rallies, they were soon 6:11 down and a change was needed. Raj brought captain, Rajinder Singh back to serve and his spell settled the home side and before long Johathan Doyle was asking for a time-out at 12:15: not enough to stop Southall closing further to 13:15 but it settled the players and, side-out obtained, they raced to 15:20. Successive side-outs then finished the set in Tuskers favour.

With another changed line-up, Southall played better in the third set and led to 14:10 and looked threatening. However, Tuskers winning a rally rotated Luigi de Michele to serve and, with Rafau Amibaba, Moro Segu and Johathan in their front line, Tuskers took control and it was quickly 10:20. However, Raj had made a triple substitution at 14:19 and Southall made a prompt recovery but, when they had reached seventeen Tuskers took another rally and Moro, serving for the match, made no mistake.

"It was a good match and we pushed them in set three in particular," said Raj Sangha afterwards before letting Tuskers players set off for the long journey south.

Dormers Wells Sports Centre, Southall, 27th March

SGSS Southall
Starting Six: Rajinder Sangha, Gurjort Singh, Janpal Singh, Kulwant Singh. Rajinder Singh, Shamsher Singh (captain).
Other players: Luke Ellis-Cload, Arvinder Singh, Charanjit Singh, Pardeep Singh.
Coach: Shamsher Singh.

Starting six: Rafau Amibaba, Joseph Barcelina, Luigi de Michele, Jonathan Doyle (captain), Gregory Lojko, Hai-Binh Ly.
Other Players: Peter Nunoo, Moro Segu.
Coach: Jonathan Doyle

Referee: Fiona Cotterill

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