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Women's Div. 1 B : Willesden work Onyx hard for title
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/3/27 10:30:00 (209 reads)

Open in new windowOnyx A beat Willesden Divas (Women’s D1B - London Volleyball League)
21:15 21:12 22:20

Two easy sets then a struggle
Onyx had to wait until the last match of the season so good has the competition been this winter but they started in confident mood against a side close to the bottom of the table who after two sets both startled them and demonstrated each team's eagerness to succeed.

The first half a dozen rallies were shared but Onyx, Federica Bianchi serving, then raced to 12:3 in spite of a time out at 8:3. Divas then regrouped, recovered to 12:7 and play was even for the rest of the set with the last six rallies going to the receiving team. Although reached in a different way, there was again a 3:3 tie in the second set, again followed by an Onyx burst to 12:3. Divas did recover to 16:8 but their opposition showed little mercy as they established a two set lead.

Willesden raised their game in the third and Onyx struggled to match them. They had started well enough and looked almost secure at 6:2 but Divas settled and took the lead at 11;9 and although the hosts got back onto terms the scores were equal time after time as the totals mounted to 20:all. Side out brought Lina Gonzales who had come off the bench mid set, to serve. She held her nerve and a well place ball helped earn the point.

Then scenes of rejoicing on court and among the fans.

Jewish Free School, Harrow, 24th March

Onyx A
Starting six: Federica Bianchi, Yi Pin Chiu, Diana Iovanel (captain), Cindy Ma, Banu Oksuz, Angela Parrozzani.
Libero: Paola Turon.
Other players: Luciana Borges, Lina Gonzales, Daisy Moya,
Coach: Heiner Alzate.

Willesden Divas
Starting six: Divine Agbulos, Diana Hervas Castillo (Captain), Daniela Fectrin, Gabriela Firescu, Naomi Maya Hay, Beatrice Sukackaite.
Libero: Zonnie De Los Reyes.
Other players: Dominika Trocha.

Referee: Claudiu Florea

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